【Hebei Brand Promotion】 Auto Parts Industry Meets With You Online In December




In order to further promote the auto parts industry in Hebei, improve the matchmaking between Hebei enterprises and purchasers, enhance the visibility and influence of the Hebei brand in exhibition participation and matchmaking, the 2021 Hebei Brand Promotion-Auto Parts Industry Online Matchmaking Meeting will be held online from December 20 to 22. With practical and efficient business matchmaking being its unremitting pursuit, the event is hosted by Hebei Provincial Convention and Exhibition Promotion Center, organized by CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and supported by China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd., and Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. In this connection, according to the nature of manufacturers and traders in the Hebei auto parts industry and the scope and properties of products, both the host and the organizer classify, sort, and analyze the professional buyers and purchasers across the globe starting from the basic needs of suppliers, to locate the source and direction of purchasers.

At present, the deep integration of the Internet, big data, 5G, and other digital technologies provides platforms and technical support for online activities, which is faced with opportunities for mutual promotion and synergistic development with offline activities. Many offline activities around the world have been canceled or postponed due to the severe impact of COVID-19, so that activity organizers, enterprises, and other participants are paying increasing attention to online activities, actively exploring and advancing the healthy development of the convention and exhibition industry.

Through supportive policies, enabling technologies, and the seamless coordination of chambers of commerce, we move traditional offline matchmaking to online platforms that attract numerous overseas purchasers, guarantee unimpeded online communication, safeguard global synergy and interconnection, thus saving more time, labor and money. Meanwhile, the image of Hebei auto parts suppliers and the properties of products are given full play in an effective manner, maximizing enterprises’return on investment. The establishment of one-to-one vertical contact by both the suppliers and purchasers, unencumbered by space, region, and time, helps enterprises achieve effective mutual selection, accelerate brand communication and enhance enterprise influence through the Internet.

Activity: 【2021 Hebei Brand Promotion】Auto Parts Industry Online Matchmaking Meeting

Date: 20-22, December 2021

Address: Webinar + Zoom Cloud Meeting

Host: Hebei Provincial Convention and Exhibition Promotion Center

Organizer: CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Supporter: China National Machinery Industry International Co., Ltd. (SINOMACHINT), Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Company: CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Contact Person: Melody Dong

Email: dongts@cmecexpo.com

Website: www.cmecexpo.com

Telephone: +86-15810172684

Location: China

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