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At first, German physicist rudolf clausius put forward the concept of "entropy" in order to describe thermodynamic system. The so-called entropy law is the second law of thermodynamics and the first law of thermodynamics tells us that energy is conserved and immortal, and can only be changed from one form to another. In physics, entropy is the sum of energy that can no longer be converted into work.

The proposition of entropy law undoubtedly challenges the traditional economics that advocates endless economic growth. It is widely used in various fields, such as physics, economy and blockchain in the digital age. Of course, if the top exchange of food chain in blockchain can bring the principle of entropy into full play, it is bound to produce new physical reactions.

In the current market, the melee situation of exchanges is deepening, whether it is the currency circle surge caused by Binance theft or the new wave brought by the stable currency Model. The emergence of EDex, an entropy exchange, will stir up the storm and bring peace and stability to the exchange. EDex, with strong liquidity, high security, credibility, transparency, fairness and efficiency, aims to create an extremely decentralized digital asset exchange and provide safe, transparent, stable and efficient blockchain digital asset trading services for global digital asset users.


1. Entropy Decentralized exchange , the world's leading digital asset trading platform.

The EDex digital asset trading platform of the entropy exchange adheres to the openness and transparency given to the digital cash market by the decentralized mechanism, so that traders and investors can trade at any scale with confidence without worrying about the fairness and transparency of the platform, the reliability of data security and privacy protection, or the integrity and robustness of its order management system. Meanwhile, by adopting decentralized technology, operations such as saving digital assets and updating the balance of the exchange will be completed in the blockchain, making the assets of users safer and leading the future development direction of the exchange.

EDex, an entropy decentralized exchange starts from the financial industry, broadens the audience of the financial industry, lowers the threshold of the financial industry and breaks through the barriers between the financial industry and other industries to becom the world's leading digital asset trading platform.

2. EDex, a digital asset service platform that pays equal attention to technology and ecology.

(1)EDex asset management contract

The application of EDex blockchain intelligent contract helps the asset management industry to establish an asset transaction automation mechanism and simplify the transaction process. By reducing data processing, eliminating traditional infrastructure and reducing friction costs in front, middle and back office business links. Using blockchain technology will greatly improve the efficiency of data management and data storage in asset management industry. In order to prevent the destruction of external forces, EDex has also built the corresponding security system internally.

(2)EDex threshold signature technology

EDex guarantees the validity of digital certificates, which is the trust foundation of PKI system and affects the reliability of the whole system. In order to improve the reliability of the system, EDex chooses threshold signature to construct DPKI. The threshold signature used by EDex makes the single trust point of traditional PKI become the trust network of distributed PKI, which can effectively improve the robustness of PKI and make the digital certificates issued by it safer and more credible.

(3)  SAS, embedded in Kubernetes

Atomic Swaps is a point-to-point transaction technology that can realize the de-trust between different types of digital assets and it is also one of the cross-chain technologies. However, conventional atomic swaps usually need four transactions to complete. EDex will build a decentralized business ecosystem in the future, including thousands of enterprises, so it has a high demand for load. To meet this requirement, entropy exchange EDex chooses to embed Kubernetes open source platform. Help users save a lot of manual deployment and extension operations in the process of application containerization.

4. the security and guarantee of EDex

EDex, an entropy decentralized exchange, uses distributed consensus protocol to prevent problems such as single point failure, effectively preventing attacks such as double cost and miners maliciously blocking a user's transaction. Set up a multi-level firewall to monitor the abnormal data in real time. In the aspect of user assets, the wallet scheme of multi-signature and hot and cold isolation is adopted to ensure the safety of user assets to the greatest extent.

5. Extended ecology of EDex.

The future ecology of EDex involves a wide range of fields which can be called the perfect construction of DeFi+Exchange+Commerce. the whole framework of entropy exchange EDex is widely assumed for the digitalization of enterprise assets, real estate certification, internet finance, global payment, global consumer goods, global commercial retail, production, supply and marketing of building materials, and DeFi, aiming at enabling any organization and individual in the world to obtain financial services anytime and anywhere.


At present, it is learned that the main creative teams of Entropy Decentralized Exchange are all from Wall Street financial institutions, Silicon Valley technology companies and European technology geeks. It is believed that relying on the international strength and technical team lineup, combining high-performance blockchain technology with deep optimization of the core business of the platform, EDex will create a decentralized, safe, reliable, fair and open digital trading platform for global trading users. EDex, an entropy decentralized exchange, has the ability and responsibility to lead the chaos change of the exchange. It combines the high-performance blockchain technology with the in-depth optimization of the core business of the platform and invests abundant resources to create a more reliable digital trading platform for global trading users and shape a new pattern of DeFi+Exchange+Commerce.

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