Why is the COV digital currency on Bitslead highly sought after?



The year 2020 is extremely extraordinary. The raging COVID-19 has panicked people. With the advent of vaccines, the establishment of a global collaboration mechanism has played an extremely important role in the accelerated development and fair and equitable access of COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines around the world. This global collaboration mechanism is: Bitslead. Many People are wondered about the huge effect of this mechanism. The following text will reveal the answer.

Why is the Bitslead trading website so important?

Bitslead is mainly engaged in two phases of tasks in the fight against the pandemic. The first phase is mainly for different countries. Regardless of the comprehensive strength of the country, the vaccine should be allocated in proportion to the size of the population. Therefore, we can guarantee that the people who need the vaccine the most will be protected first in each country; the second phase is to continue to deploy vaccines to all countries, and Bitslead will provide vaccines to as many people as possible according to priorities of a country. Many people worry about the security of the Bitslead trading platform. Such a kind of worry is unnecessary because Bitslead is led by the Epidemic Prevention Innovation Alliance, the Global Vaccine Alliance and WHO. By developing a fair distribution framework, Bitslead aims to ensure that all countries share successful COVID-19 vaccines and therapeutic drugs in a fair manner. By supporting and developing productivity, Bitslead strives to distribute 2 billion doses of vaccines fairly by the end of 2021. So how about the security and privacy of the Bitslead trading platform? With the support of the underlying technology of the blockchain, Bitslead realizes the reliable storage of vaccine information data, traceable management, non-tampering, effective privacy protection, and fair, orderly and controllable distribution, so that all participants in the chain can create and share value. The security of Bitslead is beyond doubt. Besides, Bitslead’s privacy protection is also extremely important. Individual patients can selectively provide some personal privacy data according to their needs, such as the sharing of personal vaccine data. As Bitslead is gradually improved, doctors, patients, research institutions and other parties can benefit from the sharing of vaccine information. So where can Bitslead be used? First is the fair distribution of vaccines. Bitslead has established an open information system to accurately and transparently track and trace each dose of vaccine, thereby establishing a global alliance composed of vaccine researchers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, distributors, health care workers and governments; Second, it can be applied to monitor the traceability, maintain up-to-date accounting information at all times, and display the complete traceability information of the vaccine to users. The produced vaccine can directly obtain the ‘transaction’ information of a certain area according to the batch number and production number; Third, it is useful in insurance claims. In Bitslead, users can select data with ‘high utilization value’ and upload them to the chain quickly to connect with vaccine data information. Insurance institutions use ‘trustful’ data on the chain to complete online claims settlement and other businesses, with lower costs and more convenient operations; Finally, it is conducive to scientific research. Bitslead can help scientific research institutions obtain results from multiple experimental sites and patients more quickly and reliably with reduced costs. With an in-depth understanding of Bitslead, we can believe that it is a formal, legal, safe and efficient trading platform for blockchain transactions.


How does Bitslead conduct trading?

In order to promote the normal operation of transactions on the Bitslead, the digital token COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) issued based on the application value of Bitslead comes into being. COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) is issued by the World Health Organization. It aims to stimulate the accelerated development and production of COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines, and to appeal to more people to participate in COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access). In this way, every individual person can contribute to the prevention and control of the pandemic, and achieve value recognition and self-satisfaction. COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) is a decentralized blockchain digital asset issued based on the ERC-20 standard. Its quantity is constant and cherished, with only 10 million pieces issued. The future holding value and application value of COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) are promising. Under the leadership of the World Health Organization, COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) is strictly controlled. Its strictness mainly includes the following points: First, Bitslead attaches great importance to legality and requires participants to strictly act according to law. If a user is found to have maliciously fought COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) tokens, he will be punished by the law; second, Bitslead attaches great importance to the protection of users’ privacy and the funds. It gives access rights to private data to individuals to minimize the possibility of information leakage. Only the patient or an entity authorized by the patient can access the data.


What are the usages and targets of COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access)?

Bitslead and COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) are introducing blockchain technology and encrypted digital currency into the global COVID-19 vaccine traceability. With COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) tokens, all transactions can be completed on Bitslead. It can meet the daily needs of researchers, pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers, distributors, health care workers, and governments. For example, patients can use COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) tokens on Bitslead to check the production process information of their vaccines; the government uses COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) tokens on Bitslead to carry out vaccine analysis on the blockchain to strengthen regional health and vaccine supervision and management; third parties can use COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access) tokens on Bitslead to make full use of the data authorized to provide data analysis and business application and other services.

Bitslead performs excellently based on COV (the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access). It is believed that in the future, it will contribute more to the medical industry of the entire world.

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