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EPC eco environmental protection chain Officially Announces public chain R & D to create a decentralized consensus mechanism

Public chain refers to the blockchain that anyone in the world can access to the system at any time to read data, send confirmatory transactions and compete for bookkeeping. The public chain is generally considered to be "completely decentralized" because no individual or organization can control or tamper with the reading and writing of data in it.

WK.Ecology officially launched trading

Recently, WK has landed heavily on the world-famous exchange TokenEco. TokenEco opened WK recharge business at 14:00 on May 21st, Beijing time, and opened WK / USDT trading pair at 9:17 May 22nd, and simultaneously opened the withdrawal service. The launch of TokenEco will accelerate the enrichment of WK's ecological structure, and it will also make WK's influence further expand and prepare for a

How Ton is extraordinary

​In recent years,the market is flooded with air coins,Their life cycle is very short.Exactly,it also made many new members question the industry,very dissatisfied with blockchain practitioners.

PLF is going to be listed on LBank

​PlayFuel brings the power of blockchain technology to the gaming world. We are doing this by creating a platform that allows developers to earn funding by integrating PlayFuel into their games and allowing players to mine PLF — crypto-tokens just by playing. Players can use these tokens to buy games, redeem exclusive goodies or even exchange the tokens into real money.

ELAMA is going to be listed on LBank

ELAMACHAIN is an enterprise blockchain provider. It has built an optimized blockchain computing environment for enterprises and provided blockchain services, chatbot services, various applications and cryptocurrency payment systems for real life and e-commerce.

Muyun Farm-a more fun and fairer blockchain game

​Blockchain technology is a hot information technology nowadays. It has been widely used in many industries and fields because of its "unforgeable", "remaining trace", "traceable", "open and transparent" and "collective maintenance". Farm games, because of their high interest and easy operability, plus good experience and participation, have always been very popular games. Muyun Farm applies block

The world's first "block chain+entertainment tour" eco-platform super exchange token is coming!

Since Bitcoin was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, block chain technology has become popular in the world in the form of digital cash in ten years.


Aplex V.A. Limited and Throne Legacy Capital jointly launched Global Wealth Fund

Muyun Farm——Starting a new era of game payment tokens

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