Hainan actively promotes the construction of One-Stop Service for Investment

“We are speeding up the progress of construction in a hope to build a better One-Stop Service for Investment soon, so as to enable more investors to enjoy more investment facilitation and help Hainan’s supernormal development.” said the relevant person in charge of Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce. “The main functions have now been launched, and many investors have handled business such as

AI CITY Will Pave the Way For the Cities of Tomorrow

Cities often represent growth in mankind’s collective wisdom. The goal of every great city is to be built with the highest quality resources available and make use of the newest and most innovative technologies.

Meishe Network Technology launched the latest video automatic color correction solution

At present, the epidemic situation in China has improved, but it is still serious abroad. Under the catalysis of the epidemic, the short video industry has become the "food for the soul" recently and is undergoing the new opportunities and changes, which also makes the competition among various platforms intensified. Traditional short video platforms are constantly changing to attract users, while

EPC eco environmental protection chain Officially Announces public chain R & D to create a decentralized consensus mechanism

Public chain refers to the blockchain that anyone in the world can access to the system at any time to read data, send confirmatory transactions and compete for bookkeeping. The public chain is generally considered to be "completely decentralized" because no individual or organization can control or tamper with the reading and writing of data in it.

Why did the article that revealed the Falun Gong scandal

Around April 20 this year, some media outlets published an article titled "Creative news event" (hereinafter referred to as "Creative news") directed and performed by the Falun Gong media. One anecdote was that "Newspapers were sneaked into the state Capitol". The newspaper is the Epoch Times, the Falun Gong's main media outlet known for churning out fake news and farce. Unfortunately, the article

Only the people can liberate themselves from COVID-19 – the new epidemic!

20 years ago Humana People to People (‘HPP’) developed a concept to prevent and control HIV and protect the health of the people – the ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ or ‘TCE’ concept. It was and is based on the slogan “Only the people can liberate themselves from AIDS the Epidemic”.

Why Is Using CNC Machining Services for Rapid Prototyping

CNC machining services can short turnaround of rapid prototyping production,engineering models and high-quality end-use parts in the shortest time. Here are five main reasons to consider CNC machining service for your rapid prototyping project.

Method for distinguishing the quality of aluminum glass folding door

The material is the key to aluminum glass folding door​. At present, the main aluminum alloy materials are aluminum, glass, hardware and so on. Therefore, choosing aluminum glass folding door mainly depends on its material and accessory material.


Since the outbreak of Covid-19 at the beginning of the year, the pandemic is causing serious impacts all over the world. About 120 countries participated in the World Health Assembly (WHA) and China stated at the Opening Congress to support the idea of a comprehensive review of the global response to COVID-19 after it is brought under control and to sum up the experiences based on science and prof

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