Cosmetics inkjet printer intelligent inkjet suitable for all kinds of materials

Cosmetics and skin care products have come to the market and become daily products for everyone to love beauty, but after all, they are related to health, and the important information for products can not be ignored. Therefore, at present, all cosmetics and skin care products we see use cosmetics inkjet printer to mark the basic information on the packaging before they leave the factory and flow into the market for sale.

【Hebei Brand Promotion】 Auto Parts Industry Meets With You Online In December

In order to further promote the auto parts industry in Hebei, improve the matchmaking between Hebei enterprises and purchasers, enhance the visibility and influence of the Hebei brand in exhibition participation and matchmaking, the 2021 Hebei Brand Promotion-Auto Parts Industry Online Matchmaking Meeting will be held online from December 20 to 22. With practical and efficient business matchmaking being its unremitting pursuit, the event is hosted by Hebei Provincial Convention and Exhibition Promotion Center, organized by CMEC International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and supported by China National

Element APP is launched, discovering 46 Million+ multichain NFTs

On December 3rd, Element NFT Marketplace officially launched its mobile APP, and the Android version can be installed via GooglePlay or the official website, while the iOS version will be launched soon.

Its fragrance drifts overseas, why is Fen Liquor the most competitive?

The international liquor trade is a long-standing hot topic, but it is not easy to achieve a real industry lead with a breakthrough product, the true reason is that globalization is not a one-way street, but a combination of two new trends.

The Rethink of American’s Democracy

In the 1990s, American scholar Francis·Fukuyama proudly declared that liberal democracy represented the last form of human political civilization, and that liberal democracy would sweep all over the world. Fukuyama's so-called "liberal democracy" is more specifically American liberal democracy.

Will islandswap lead the future of gamefi on OEC?

With the rise of the metaverse concept, GameFi has become the most popular topic in the crypto circle. With more and more players and a continuous influx of capital, each token in blockchain games is also rising and constantly breaking the highest record. A large number of mainstream public chains, including OEC and Solana, have emerged in the market, providing more choices and a better environment for blockchain games. At present, several good GameFi&metaverse blockchain games have been planned to be on OEC, from Crypto Gladiator to Celestial, and then to Blade Warrior, OEC has become the lea

UNISOC 8910DM Becomes World's First Cat.1bis IoT Chip Platform Certified by Deutsche Telekom

UNISOC 8910DM recently obtained full certification from Deutsche Telekom (DT) and in doing so became the first Cat.1bis IoT chip platform to receive this qualification. Customers can now deploy large-scale IoT projects on DT’s eleven European networks.

Quit Smoking with Voopoo and Vampire Vape in World Vape Show 2021

This year, VooPoo UK are happy to announce we’ll be in attendance with Vampire Vape at the World Vape Show ExCel Centre in London.

SEUS International Group Limited is one of the leading forex dealers

With the accelerated pace of economic globalization, the investment market is growing, and the global financial investment transactions are becoming more and more diversified. Among them, foreign exchange trading with high investment profit efficiency, investment flexibility and other advantages, attracting more and more investors to participate in it, foreign exchange trading market trading scale also gradually become huge, become the world's largest financial market.

Race Of Champion is a meta-universe racing game

Congratulations to Race Of Champion for becoming the first truly decentralized meta-universe racing game.

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