TronBank, a New Extreme De-centralized Smart Contract Bank

Digital cash, which is dominated by bitcoin, is leading the future of world finance. And digital cash is moving from special-interest to popular with digital, decentralized, anonymous, safe, convenient and fast transfer. The places where the coin circle suffers most are centralized exchanges and stable currencies, which are the two bottlenecks in the development of digital cash. A safe, stable and

Bitget Acquires Decentralized Wallet Bitkeep for Tens of Millions of Dollars

​Bitget, a Derivatives exchange, announced that it has recently completed the wholly-owned acquisition of the decentralized multi-chain wallet Bitkeep, and the transaction amount is nearly 10 million U.S. dollars. Bitget CEO Sandra confirmed this news in a tweet and said that she is optimistic about the market for decentralized wallets. In the future, Bitkeep will maintain independent operations.

FREE Masonic has reached strategic cooperation with Coinbase and Huobi Capital Exchange in the United States

Global Entertainment Token has reached strategic cooperation with an international exchange and will launch GETK's online circulation in the near future. The details of the launch will be published on the official website. It can be seen that as long as the Entertainment industry exists in the future, there will be the value and significance of the existence of the Global Entertainment Token.

Auto 2021: ZHAOWEI Showcase Latest Technology Fruits

The 19th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition will be launched on April 19. As one of the exhibitors, ZHAOWEI (Booth: 6BF261, Stock Code: 003021) will showcase powerful micro-drive technology towards Automobile Drive System and a portfolio of drive systems ranging from 3.4mm to 45mm.

Meicam Technology introduces intelligent video production platform at the audio and video technology conference LiveVideoStackCon

From April 16 to 17, 2021, as the largest annual audio and video technology conference in China, LiveVideoStackCon was grandly held in Shanghai. With the theme of "New Technology, New Opportunity", this conference brought together a number of top technical experts in the field of audio and video technology and attracted nearly 1,000 audio and video developers from all over the country. The topics

Pecron S1500: The Most Compact Portable Power Station Is Launching On Indiegogo

​Pecron, an under-the-radar brand specialized in portable power source and outdoor energy solutions, is launching its latest model S1500: the most compact portable power station on Indiegogo.

BitCherry BCHC – To Build a Trusted Distributed Business Ecosystem

BitCherry BCHC – To Build a Trusted Distributed Business Ecosystem

KHC -- Redefining Finance

With cutting-edge technology and innovative financial strength, meanwhile, to create one wealth myth after another, KHC will stand on the tide of this era and lead the global fans to define the future of human finance!

ETV lucky miner is constantly surprised and lucky!

ETV lucky miner, lucky e mine is a weakly centralized value coin mining integration platform based on ETV ecological consensus and China Stock Exchange's crix value consensus. ETV lucky miner is the first consensus project of ETV ecological incubation, which will continue the entropy culture of ETV ecology.

Distributed Storage to be the Leading Trend in 2021 FIL Price to Suprass ETH’s 2000 USD

As blockchain becomes more and more normalized in our society, the concept of distributed storage becomes that much more imperative to store the world’s data. A distributed storage system is infrastructure that can split data across multiple physical servers, and often across more than one data center.

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