Carbon Pathfinder KAU is available for global subscription, come and participate!

Carbon Road KAU invites you to relay the global carbon environmental protection, KAU, is looking forward to your joining.

Longbow Capital led a $5 million funding round for Modern, a Canadian blockchain project.

We will also continue to follow up the report for you.

Guan Gong Faith Ecology

Where the heart is, faith unites, and infinite beauty begins!

Eva is committed to becoming an advanced, decentralized, religious token leader

A perfect collection of faith and science and technology, the gospel benefits all living beings with the help of science and technology

The conflict between civilization and barbarism—GODZILLA comes to the world, reconstructing the new order of the encrypted world!

The mission of saving exploited investors is on the line. GODZILLA accelerates the pace of building a community of digital destiny for all mankind, opening a new era in the world of digital assets!

What is the capital of YURO, an epic project?

On June 8, YURO super NFT ecology, the first currency, an intelligent chain, and YURO will launch the mainstream top 10 exchanges in the next few months When you join, create a thousandfold myth

OTGS will blockbuster online global compliance exchange DGalaxy

OTGS&DGalaxy,Credit endorsement, secure transaction, protect your asset security.

1BNB of wool jacked to the hilt! “SHIB2 launches a free airdrop with a trade

As the market stabilizes, those who are not yet on board can take the opportunity to choose a lower position. With this wave, the space above SHIB2 will be very fast and huge once it opens. According to the official Twitter message “SHIB2 has opened a trading that sends airdrops” campaign, the message shows that participating traders will have the chance to win about 1BNB worth of SHIB2!

GameStar.Exchange - reDeFining DeFi

GameStar.Exchange is a decentralized P2P trading platform created on Polkadot, which supports BTC/ETH/USDT/BNB/DOT cross-chain transactions. It is a cryptocurrency exchange with gift cards, games items, game currency and NFTs for P2P transactions. Over time, it will provide more services and transaction capabilities around these massive markets. It builds on traditional P2P exchange markets, build

The Lending Protocol Layer will launch at Pancakeswap and Lotus

Recently, Layer will go online on decentralized exchanges Pancakeswap and Lotus, the trading pairs is Layer-USDT.

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