Application Advantages of Packaging Printing Inkjet Printer in Printing Industry


What are the application advantages of packaging printing inkjet printer in the printing industry? Packaging and printing enterprises need to spray numbers, patterns or words on products or packaging frequently or at high speed. The traditional printing industry is first designed into pictures, then made plates, and finally printed out the finished products through the printing press. The traditional printing industry has poor text clarity, time-consuming and low efficiency. If users need to print variable information and the printing cost is relatively high, the enterprise will suffer losses. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to solve the problem that the printing industry cannot flexibly print variable information. The application of packaging printing inkjet printer gives the printing industry a new opportunity for industry development. Practice has proved that the application of small character inkjet printer can greatly improve the production efficiency and the clarity of inkjet printing words, so as to improve the quality of products and enable enterprises to win a broader product market and better economic benefits.

Before the invention of non-contact inkjet printer, pad printer, screen printer and even more original mechanical roller punch were often used to print. The text clarity was poor, time-consuming and laborious, the efficiency was low, and the quality lost more and more customers due to the low printing quality, causing losses to the enterprise. Therefore, advanced equipment is urgently needed to replace them. Through the efforts of scientists and many scientific and technological workers, small character inkjet printer has been developed. At present, these contactless continuous inkjet printers have become the first choice to change the backward situation.

Packaging printing inkjet printer is used to spray small words, numbers and graphics onto products. Compared with previous printing equipment and technology, packaging printing inkjet printer has at least the following seven advantages:

1、 The handwriting is clear and lasting: the computer controls to accurately spray out the required numbers, words, patterns, etc.

2、 High degree of automation: automatically change the date, batch and number, and no one operates the spray printing process.

3、 Wide range of applications: it can match any production line. It can be sprayed on the surfaces of plastic, glass, paper, wood, rubber, metal and other materials with different shapes.

4、 Rapid and convenient programming: input the required numbers, words, patterns, lines and other information through the computer or editing machine, modify the printed information, and press the number key to complete it.

5、 Adjustable character size: the font width and height can be adjusted within an appropriate range, and the font can be bold at will.

6、 The number of printing lines is adjustable: the number of printing lines is adjustable and can be matched arbitrarily.

7、 Very fast printing speed: the fastest printing speed can be 1600 characters / s or 220 meters / min.

Because the non-contact packaging printing inkjet printer is the crystallization of computer and high technology, its reliability is quite high, the software version is easy to upgrade, the cost of printing on the product is very low, and it has the above significant advantages. Therefore, packaging printing inkjet printer can be widely used in various industries such as food, beverage, tobacco and alcohol, packaging, medicine, cosmetics, electronics, mechanical parts and cables.

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