BitCherry (BCHC) and Blockchain Media CryptoVN reach a strategy agreement to hold AMA together.


BitCherry (BCHC) and Blockchain Media CryptoVN reach a strategy agreement to hold AMA together.

BitCherry and blockchain media CryptoVN have reached a strategy agreement to hold AMA together. Through this cooperation, BitCherry and CryptoVN will hold talks with communities and developers from time to time and share the support and development advantages of BitCherry distributed ecological fund and BitCherry public blockchain technology in the blockchain industry. So that more blockchain developers can develop on BitCherry’s public blockchain and get the assistance of the ecological fund.

Please follow closely the latest news from the BitCherry website and the community.

About BitCherry Distributed Ecological Fund
On 26th March 2021, BitCherry officially announced the establishment of the “BitCherry Distributed Ecological Fund”, aiming to cultivate more valuable and potential blockchain business applications to improve BitCherry's distributed business ecology. BitCherry distributed ecological fund decided to invest 10 million US dollars in the development, competition, incubation, and investment of ecological applications on the chain to provide multi-faceted support for ecological developers in terms of capital, technology, and operation promotion.

Project developers are invited to visit the BitCherry website( Register or submit your application through the registration link below.

English Registration Form :

BitCherry Official:

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