China Eastern Airlines unveils new items on in-flight menu


International and regional flights operated by China Eastern Airlines (China Eastern) and its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines will resume normal in-flight meal starting Jan. 8, 2023. In the mean time, China Eastern will update its in-flight menu.


MU Freeze-Dried Fruit Tea, a brand new drink specially designed for China Eastern flights, will be added to the list of beverages, which is known as the "MU Enjoyment" series. Featuring a combination of the fragrant jasmine, kumquat, lemon and passion fruit, the drink will satisfy the taste buds of passengers while providing rich vitamin C for them.


The drink is also convenient and quick to prepare. It can be made with room temperature mineral water or carbonated water. (The new drink will only be served to first class, luxury business class and business class passengers of international and regional flights operated by China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines.)


A special set meal named "MU Catering: Good Fortune in the Year of the Rabbit" will be added to the in-flight menu of international and regional flights operated by China Eastern and Shanghai Airlines during the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, in the hope of sending good wishes to passengers for the Chinese Lunar New Year.


China Eastern has always attached great importance to passengers' in-flight dining experience, and laid emphasis on innovating and updating in-flight menu. It has launched distinctive themed in-flight meals for specific festivals and seasons, making in-flight meals a highly enjoyable experience above the clouds.

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