China Unicom launches 5G CPE powered by UNISOC V510

2020-07-20 UNISOC

- Opening the era of 5G commercialized techology -

SHANGHAI, July 16, 2020 - (ACN Newswire) - China Unicom's 5G CPE VN007 is the telecom carrier's latest commercial 5G terminal, pivotal for the Internet of Things; the 5G CPE VN007, as sold by China Unicom, can support both 4G /5G wireless and wired Internet access, built-in 5G full-frequency antenna, download rates up to 2.3Gbps (theoretical value), ring layout design, and 360-degree signal coverage.

The China Unicom 5G CPE VN007 is equipped with UNISOC's first 5G multi-mode baseband chip, the UNISOC V510. It is based on the Makalu 5G communication technology platform and has technical advantages such as high integration, high performance, and low power consumption. It can be automatically adapted to 5G NSA and SA dual-mode networking.

The UNISOC V510 supports the sub-6GHz global 5G mainstream band, realizing full network coverage: this will bring real wireless ultra-fiber broadband experience to hundreds of millions of users. In addition to the high data speed experience, UNISOC V510 also supports VoNR voice calls.

UNISOC V510 enables terminal products to work in harsh industrial environments due to the industrial standard design. It can be widely used in enterprise wireless networks, campus networks, 5G industrial Internet of Things, and other fields.

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