DOLAIMI digital application ecosystem is basically completed


As the blockchain market gradually attracts more people's attention, the development of blockchain technology and the sustainability of commercial applications must be a breakthrough for every blockchain platform. Continuous development with a more complete ecosystem is the direction of the continuous development of the DOLAIMI team .

The American Chain Fans Science Technology Company will work with Hong Kong SANKEMI International Company to promote the continuous implementation of the DOLAIMI digital application ecosystem. In the end, I hope that the application of DOLAIMI will continue to bring more value to users!

DOLAIMI social wallet is a social multi-chain application wallet research room launched by the multi-chain research laboratory initiated and established by Chain Fans Science And Technology. Master the current basic technologies of various blockchain public chains and encrypted wallets, etc., with the development direction of security, multi-chain, cross-chain, multi-function, added value, and sustainability, and the practice of bringing sustainability to users Value is the mission!

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