Dchain DEX will officially launch on October 17th with vital upgrades

10-17 DEX

The Dchain DEX trading platform was initiated by top blockchain technicians from Google, Alibaba, etc., using the world's most cutting-edge Ripple bank protocol and DC public chain bottom dual protocol bottom technologyo

Dchain DEX pioneered the "POSPOM" traditional mortgage synthetic mining pool+ DeFi liquidity mining pool dual mining pool model. Dchain DEX is committed to building the first decentralized digital asset trading platform and financial infrastructure with co-creation, co-construction, co-governance, sharing, efficient and transparent currency and stocks, and finally realize the construction of a complete closed-loop DeFi financial ecosystem. Dchain DEX will be fully online on October 17, 2020. The registration, activation, transfer, recharge and other functions will be activated immediately after going online. Since the platform is a decentralized trading platform, all participants in the ecological construction must take good care of their mnemonics and Private key, the platform does not have the authority to assist in retrieving private keys and mnemonics, because all private keys are created locally by the user, and will not be transmitted online during the creation process to avoid permanent loss of assets!

The same world, the same DEX,download the app via https://app.dc-blockchain.com/


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