DeepLand Foundation has invested Uranus Exchange in Singapore

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On January 22, DeepLand Foundation had a fruitful communication with CMO Elsa of Uranus and Ms. Li Yuelan, President of China Mega-area, in Singapore office of Uranus Exchange, and successfully signed TS (Term sheet). The first investment will be start in the form of Token Fund, with an intended investment amount of $2.7 million.


DeepLand Foundation is a famous organization with Token Fund in the Singapore market. It has participated in the investment of many well-known projects and is also the investor LP of many capitals. 

The signing of this term sheet not only marks that Uranus digital asset exchange has taken a bigger step in the field of digital assets and widely opened up a broader Asian market, but also means that more Funds will continue to join the track in the future mainly in digital asset market. The DeepLand Foundation also promised to introduce GrayScale funds for team of Uranus, and strongly urged the two sides to meet. 

DeepLand's background and relationship with GrayScale 

One of the funders of DeepLand, Dr. John graduated from the National University of Singapore. He worked on the London Stock Exchange from 2008 to 2012 and has rich experience in financial markets. It is also a partner of Blinkx, a video search platform. 


(Dr.John, co-founder of Blinkx)

In 2014, Dr. John's friend and entrepreneurial partner, the founder of Blinkx, joined Balderton Capital investment group, which with an estimated $1.9bn under management. As a venture capital institution, Balderton Capital has a close relationship with GrayScale, who we are familiar with today. The reason is——

In 2017, Luno, a Singapore Exchange, announced that it had received US $9 million in round B financing, which was led by Balderton Capital, a venture capital firm, and also included Digital Currency Group and alphacode club. And Digital Currency Group (DCG) is the famous DCG group, and then directly announced the acquisition of Luno. With the help of DCG, Luno has nearly 400 employees and more than 5 million global customers in more than 40 countries. New York based DCG will make significant financial commitments to help Luno expand globally, including in the regions where luno currently operates and elsewhere.

Grayscale Investments LLC. is a digital currency investing services company. The Company provides market information, investment exposure, and investment products to the developing digital currency asset class.

It has amazing year and became the most remarkable role in Crypto. In the final quarter of 2020, Grayscale raised $3.3 billion in total, more than tripling its previous record of $1.05 billion raised in 3Q20. Notably, Grayscale raised nearly $1 billion in the last week of December before the quarter closed. Record-setting investments across Grayscale’s family of products reflected soaring demand and growing acceptance of digital currency asset class among financial institutions.

What's the Uranus Exchange?

Uranus is the name of Exchange which set up by a group of developers and believers in blockchain. Uranus Exchange built in 2017 year, with team leader of Dr.Henry and others. The China Meta-area is the key development area at present.

Uranus overseas market had made a series of progress: overseas community from the United States, France and Canada have been set up in users’ respective places. At present, Uranus overseas communities have grown to six. The United States and Canada cover the entire North American market, and France is also one of the important markets in Europe.

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