Deyao's Bedside Lamps are More Convenient


There are many varieties of Deyao’s bedside lamps, among which the DIDA series is the most space-saving and the most convenient to use.  Next, let us understand the characteristics of DIDA series bedside lamps.
The bedside lamp of the DIDA series is structured by a combination of a stainless steel back plate and an aluminum LED lamp, which looks more metallic in appearance. Moreover, the DIDA series is foldable and takes up less space. Take DIDA1785 as an example. The back panel of DIDA1785 is only 16 cm long and 5 cm wide. The front aluminum LED tube is only 10.5 when fully expanded. Centimeters, very small, you can fully fold the lamp tube when not in use, it looks beautiful and simple. The LED tube installed in the cylindrical head can be changed vertically or rotated 90 degrees left and right, which can meet the lighting needs of consumers from different angles.

Secondly, in terms of lighting effects, the bulb uses a 3000K LED bulb, which can use warm white light for lighting. Warm white light is a medium color system, warm white light has atmosphere, is not very glaring, feels soft, makes the eyes more comfortable, and is not too irritating, causing users to lose sleep, and it can also provide a certain light source for reading or grooming . Moreover, the use of LED bulbs saves more electricity, which can save consumers money.

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