Difference between 20W Laser Printer and 30W Laser Printer

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一、 20W fiber laser printer and 30W are the best-selling models in recent years.

At that time, a 10W optical fiber laser printer was about 200000 yuan. The laser was made of German IPG. There were few domestic lasers, lack of experience and immature technology. After the continuation, there are 20W, 30W, 50W to 8000w special lasers for cutting machines.

Under the condition of ensuring clear visibility, the 20W optical fiber laser printer can reach a linear speed of 7m per second. With the development and change of upstream suppliers, the price of the whole machine is gradually decreasing, so that it belongs to less investment and fast return, not to mention the 30W laser printer.

二、 What is the advantage of 30W fiber laser printer over 20W fiber laser printer?

In recent years, many manufacturers have started mechanical intelligence, and their work efficiency is much higher than before, especially in some electronics, beverages, equipment parts, food industries, etc. it has to be said that in the fast assembly line, some of the 20W laser printer are easy to heat up when they can't keep up with or are close to the limit, Therefore, the emergence of 30W laser printer just solves the problems of users.

Difference between 30W optical fiber laser printer and 20W optical fiber laser printer

1. The power of the laser is increased by 10W, which means that the average output power of the laser marking machine is increased from 20 to 30.

2. At the same time, the marking depth of 30W can be adjusted to be deeper than that of 20W.

3. At the same depth, the 30W fiber laser printer works faster and saves time. After testing, it saves 1 / 3 of the time.

4. Combined with the previous point, when the depth is not required and the marking content can be clearly visible, 30 watts can improve the work efficiency.

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