EZDex is coming strongly and is bound to become the driving force of new finance

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In this DeFi wave, there are various signs that the centralized exchange is obviously panicked in this DeFi shock. Although these head centralized exchanges have their own rules, the centralized governance method will inevitably have some phenomena that are not conducive to the development of the industry. Therefore, many blockchain technology geeks have invested in the research and development of decentralized exchanges.

Until 2020, the entire decentralized finance field has ushered in a comprehensive explosion, and DeFi applications led by Uniswap, Sushiswap, and AAVE have stood on the stage of history. This DeFi explosion is not only a victory for decentralized finance, but also a deep blow to traditional centralized exchanges. Especially since 2021, the tokens of the DEX track have risen sharply. For example, UNI and SUSHI have risen more than ten times, but there are still investors who say that the value of UniSwap and SushiSwap has been underestimated.
The most important thing about DeFi is the abundance of assets. From the perspective of the global economy, the prosperity of a local area cannot be regarded as prosperity, but the overall prosperity that drives it is the real prosperity. The same is true for the DeFi world. The overall flow of assets is crucial to the development of DeFi. For EZDex, it is expected to build links between assets in different blockchain systems and allow DeFi to develop globally.
The “EZDex” innovative decentralized trading platform was developed by the geek team, which is composed of a group of members who have the ultimate pursuit of cryptography and blockchain. They are also early Bitcoin and Ethereum participants. After in-depth research on the DeFi project, the EZDex team believes that the DeFi explosion comes from its sophisticated mathematical model design to create a decentralized trading platform.

EZDex has created a unique feature pledge + computing power mining mechanism, including EZX pledge + computing power mining and ecological pledge + computing power mining. Holding EZX pledge + computing power mining means that as long as anyone holding a certain amount of EZX tokens can share the daily EZX output of EZX through this function, this mechanism is calculated through a special mathematical algorithm, allowing each user to hold The amount of EZX is more uniform, which is more conducive to the balanced and stable development of the entire EZDex ecology; ecological pledge + computing power mining is also designed with an exquisite mathematical algorithm, which makes the invited ecology stronger, and the obtained ecological pledge + computing power mining The more, and the ecological pledge + hashrate mining also has the effect of breaking up large households, which is extremely conducive to the growth of the community.
The EZX produced by EZX daily is used in the mobile mining sector. Mining is carried out by adding liquidity to the mobile pool. In addition, it is extremely deflationary: 1% decreasing mining per day, and the total amount of mining available in a single day is gradually shrinking, making mining difficult The coefficient rises with liquidity deflation.

It is conceivable that the smaller the number, the more valuable it is. Taking Uniswap token UNI as an example, the total market value of UNI is close to 17 billion U.S. dollars, or about 110 billion yuan. It is conceivable that the small liquidity and continuous deflation of EZX have much room for appreciation? EZDex will also be launched on April 19, 2021. DEX is starting to start a prairie fire, and it is imperative for latecomers to rise to the top.
EZDex stands at the forefront of the times, innovative DeFi distributed finance, steadily achieving ecological closed-loop, life is free and equal, EZDex continues to move forward with the concept of redefining wealth, and is committed to creating commercial value and its own collection value, creating a hundred times currency , Thousands of coins or even ten million times of coins, all and possible, march towards a new world of decentralized consensus.

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