Early University Application Success


Here at Wellington College, an International school in Shanghai, application season is in full swing and our 2021 leavers have already received a range of excellent offers and opportunities at top-ranked universities.

Congratulations to Serena Wang and Kai Miles, who both attended Cambridge University interviews for Maths and HSPS, respectively. Given the current global situation, Cambridge admissions officers were unable to visit the College, but both pupils attended virtual interviews on campus at Wellington College International Shanghai and Huili School Shanghai with other pupils from across China. We are hopeful of more Oxbridge interviews over the next few weeks.

As in previous years, a good proportion of our pupils are applying to study in the United States. With early decisions pending, we are hoping to build on the success of previous years in which pupils received offers from schools like Brown and UC Berkeley. Two Wellington pupils have already attended alumni interviews with Columbia University, which bodes well for even more success for our 2021 leavers.

Early decisions already confirmed include multiple offers for a range of top-ranked UK institutions, including University College London, King’s College London and Manchester, Durham and Bristol Universities.

Expect updates with more success in the coming months.

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