Falun Gong Lost A Battle Of Unrestrained Gambling And Launched A Frantic Research For “Diabolical Data” Of The Bidens

01-21 Am-News

After the election, the "Trumpism" that Falun Gong fervently supported ended in defeat, while the Bidens had already become the targets of Falun Gong's fierce bombardment. According to rough statistics, in December 2020 alone, Falun Gong media bashed out nearly a thousand mudslinging about the Bidens, while in recent years, the total number of similar articles reached more than 7,000, almost setting the highest collection of "Diabolical Data" of the Biden family in the United States. For Falun Gong, it is more like a gamble to make an alliance with Trump and support him at all costs in the general election. In this process, Falun Gong has worked so hard to collect the evidence of the Biden family's guilt, and there are three choices and ways to "reverse" it.


The First Choice: Hype Up "Fraud" And Deny The Election Result!

Gamblers who lose their shirts in one night will often go for broke or accuse others of breaking the rules in order to turn the tables. Based on similar psychology, Falun Gong media hype up the fraud issues in long-drawn and tedious documents. The Epoch Times mentions that states have been blocked from making temporary changes to voting rules, adding illegal ballots through mail-in ballots, voting machines and counting checks" (The Navarro Report Reveals Six Aspects Of Election Irregularities), or refers to discussions of sensational topics such as "ghost ballots"; Or reports a woman in a certain state whose "parents and friends have received a number of mail-in ballots this year" (Elderly non-voters Received 4 Votes Californian Chinese Accused Of Election Fraud) and other news; or speaks of the mainstream media "suppressing any criticism of mail-in ballots", "stifling censorship of Trump, not Biden", "using its influence to steal the election" (Report: Tech Giantss Weaponized Social Media Platforms Stole The Election), all implying that Biden manipulated public opinion and implemented fraudulent practices.

Falun Gong's focus on the topic of fraud bears two characteristics: one is to label the Biden team as "no need of voters" and "only need votes" (Xia Lin: Farce Of The American "President-Elect"), and to launch the moral original sin offensive. Second, on this basis, the launch of "midnight ghost tickets" and other scary rumors, give full play to the accumulation of 20 years of "news imagination". Falun Gong added fuel to the fire and spread an irritating atmosphere among the public, which strongly questioned the legitimacy of the election, with the intention of directly overturning the result of Biden's victory.


The Second Choice: Media Fully Focus On Hunter, "Curve Savior"!

Falun Gong media has made a brilliant achievement in the disclosure of Biden's son, Hunter. Among numerous reports featured The Inside Story of Joe Biden's Son: A Chaos in Life and a Misery in Soul, media like The Epoch Times never get tired of retelling all sorts of bizarre gossip about Hunter: such as admitted drug use, used Obama's daughter's credit card, foreign richest woman $3.5 million, wealthy foreigners sent 2.8-carat diamond ring, millions of dollars remittance... From being expelled from the navy to dealing with foreign enterprises, from "the illegitimate daughter" to "prostitution or human trafficking gangs in Eastern Europe", from drugs to souls, as well as "computer gate" and "email gate", Falun Gong has shown great enthusiasm for the hype about everything related to Hunter Biden. The Epoch Times could have been renamed The New Biden Family Scandal.

There are three motives for Falun Gong to focus media firepower on Hunter personally. Firstly, it cooperated with Trump's attack on his rival political family. Falun Gong once threatened that "the Democratic Party is weak" in terms of attacking "the children of the candidates." Secondly, to create the public opinion that the Democrats are pulling the wool over our eyes. The Epoch Times once proposed that "if voters in key states knew about the Hunter scandal, nearly 10% would not vote for Biden" and other statements to mislead the public. Thirdly, to prosecute and arrest the Bidens. Falun Gong media repeatedly published news such as 87-Page Reports Of Congressional Republicans Revealing Biden's Son and the so-called appeal of many Republican congressmen on "Investigate Hunter" and so on. Obviously, Falun Gong did not give up the path of curve savior (Trump) to reverse the adverse situation.


The Third Choice: Use The God's Will To Trick The New Government

In fact, Falun Gong had already "decided" a new president for the American people under the guise of "God". Falun Gong once advocated that Trump was "chosen by God", "God wants Trump elected", and claimed that Biden "will never become President of the United States" (California Votes To Trump: Trump Must Win And God Controls Everything). Falun Gong attacks political opponents in the name of "God", which has three specific backgrounds:

Firstly, the context of Falun Gong hides the trap of the cults, that is, the definition of "God" is controlled by the religious leader. Li Zhihong once threatened that the "solution" he passed on was even beyond the knowledge of God, (March 29, 1998 North America First Dharma Assembly), because "without me (Li Hongzhi) there would be no universe" (March, 2000 Touring North America lecturing), as for "religion, it's just a culture that predisposes human beings to the knowledge of God through history." (The 2018 Washington DC Talk). Thus it can be seen that the so-called "President elected by God" is nothing but a political appendage of Falun Gong's future blueprint of "theocracy". At the same time, only the "Trumpsim" who has interest ties with Falun Gong is qualified to enjoy this alternative "divine choice treatment", while Biden and his Democratic Party are excluded by Pope Li.

Secondly, Falun Gong's fiery remarks on inciting military coup, "civil war" and beheading Biden are in fact consistent with the above absurd logic of Falun Gong. In addition, mainstream media and "big technology companies" are also clearly listed as the deadly enemies of "God" by Falun Gong, and they are also the object of its crusade.

Thirdly, attach the invisible noose of "unelected by the God" to the Biden administration, and use it as the language capital for media threat and political blackmail. For Falun Gong, this invisible noose will be the curse of "God" on Trump's political opponents, namely according to the need of using the fermentation of mudslinging to bully and the induce Biden's new government at any time, in an attempt to force their future domestic and foreign affairs policies to move in the direction that is favorable to Falun Gong and the "Trumpsim" right-wing camp.

-- As a hardcore ally of the "Trumpsim" and an old cult group, Falun Gong's collection and hyping up the Badis’ mudslinging is obviously behind an extremely crazy and eye-dropping political plan, which will push the free and democratic public society to the dangerous edge.

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