Foldable Lunch Bed



Lunch beds have unique advantages over ordinary folding beds. Most of the common folding beds adopt a single-side type point type connection, so that the waist connecting piece is in an unstable state for a long time, therefore, not only the waist connecting piece is easy to be damaged, but also a band-shaped bulge is formed at the waist of a user, so that the person in the lunch break has the feeling of waisting and is extremely uncomfortable. Lunch beds fundamentally abandon the innate deficiencies of ordinary folding beds.
How to Buy:
1, look at the elasticity: lie down in person and flip a few times left and right. Good springs will not move or be uneven, and can immediately restore the original shape.
2, look at the stability: you can shake the product back and forth and shake it with both hands, showing that the frame is good.
3, pay attention to the quality of the wrapping cloth: those who buy leather can pinch one place with the tips of both hands and pull it up. It feels powerful and the restorative is superior.
4, look at the process: If it is a folding bed with a steel frame structure, pay attention to the smooth welding and no gaps. The coating must look uniform and soft, and the surface of the steel pipe treated with a spray molding process has high hardness, more wear resistance, and more gloss. If the baking process is used, the surface of the steel pipe is more likely to cause scratches that cause easy oxidation and rust, and there is no gloss.

Zhuojin electromechanical folding lunch bed, 65CM widening bed, five-gear adjustment, breathable cotton and linen, strong bearing force with thick round pipe, soft and comfortable pillow, free turning without restriction, portable storage, foldable design without installation, simple and convenient operation, five-gear locked structure, can lie and sit, up to 180 ° flat

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