Introducing The Xtrend Speed Desktop Trading App: More User-Friendly & Profitable Than MT4

02-25 Yahoo News USA

Forex trading is the world's largest, most liquid, and most active marketplace.

At $6.6 trillion per day, the Forex market is bigger even than that of all global stocks combined.

Favoured by millions of investors already, XTrend Speed “Best Mobile Broker of 2019”is a CFD trading platform that makes it easy to make Forex trades as well as precious metals trading, USOIL trading, stock index trading and beyond.

To provide clients a better trading experience, the XTrend Speed Desktop trading app is now available to meet the more personalised needs of clients. 

Compared with XTrend Speed mobile trading app, the PC trading app’s interface is even easier to use. 

More user-friendly than MT4 trading, users only need to log in to the account on their desktop PC to share account data between the PC app and the mobile app without registering a new account.

The PC app gives clients an operation interface that includes Trade, Candlestick Charts, Account and New Order.

Below, we will further introduce candlestick charts, the trading interface, and the limit order. 

1、Candlestick charts show clearer market trends 

Compared with the mobile trading app, candlestick charts on the PC are larger and you can clearly see market fluctuations in each period — such as the market changes within a week, a month, or even a year. The candlestick chart interface also supports other extended functions. Click on the telescopic bar to directly hide the account and new order and expand the interface by 30%.

The PC trading app can display candlestick charts of 4 products at the same time. Choose 4 symbols as favorites and the corresponding 4 symbol candlestick charts will appear on the interface. Through the comparison among candlestick charts, clients can quickly distinguish the symbol with the largest fluctuation range, select the most suitable tradable symbol, and place their trade.

2、The trading interface is simple and clear and supports batch operations.

The trading interface is mainly divided into Market orders and Limit Orders. Market Orders on the PC trading app is the same as those of the mobile trading app. It supports “take profit” and “stop loss” options and positions can be opened with available margin or Credit. 

Compared with the trading page on the mobile trading app, the PC trading app can display all orders letting you view the history and profit and loss at a glance.

In addition, the PC trading app also supports batch closing. You can choose and view all trades on a certain symbol, so users can quickly decide whether to close their positions.

3、Never miss a market trend with Limit Orders

The Limit Order function is a new function added to the PC trading app. Clients can set “Order Price” “Type” and “Volume” in advance. When the market reaches the Order Price, the position opens automatically. Therefore, clients can view the market trend anytime, anywhere and make sure they never miss a trend. 

Limit Order also supports “take profit” and “stop loss”.

In addition, the account also clearly shows the client’s current asset portfolio including Floating P/L, Available Margin, Used Margin, Equity, Margin level and Balance, which helps you make investment decisions with maximum available data. 

The XTrend Speed PC trading app is now available and has been downloaded by more than 100,000 clients already.

Download the PC app and gain better control over your trades today.

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