MNS contract plan is coming!


After brexit, the global financial system has experienced severe shocks. Based on the analysis of the current global economic and financial situation, skrill financial group in London is deeply aware of the need to deepen the reform of the current financial ecosystem and promote the process of digital finance construction. Therefore, moneybookers is launched to ease the economic and financial pressure after brexit of British pound, promote digital finance, promote the deep integration of digital economy and real economy, and promote the leapfrog development of global economy and trade.

MNS contract plan is the first step of MNS global user marketing based on the framework of MNS global financial ecology. Skrill financial group analyzes the current global economic situation and deeply realizes the importance of financial ecological reform and promoting the construction of digital finance. Therefore, we launched moneybookers to deal with the changes in the financial environment caused by brexit. Through digital finance, we can break the restrictions of region, time and policy, deepen the depth of global financial cooperation and extend the business scope.


MNS contract program is the first step to attract MNS users and build financial consensus globally. It can be said to be MNS ecological creation plan.

Through the MNS contract program, while attracting global users, we will create a financial consensus and application circulation scenario of MNS, build an ecosystem with users, and share the financial value of MNS.

Six advantages of MNS:

1. Free trade

Self matching transaction, automatic transaction, avoid not timely, not synchronous and other shortcomings.

2. Appreciation space

Global original circular progressive value mechanism, ecological consensus, huge room for rise.

3. De networking

No central account, no private placement, no reservation, weak centralized management.

4. Distributed governance

While enjoying the dividend, the agent also provides liquidity backing fund for ecology.

5. Self destruction mechanism:

In the second to sixth stages, all MNS participating in the contract will be destroyed automatically.

6. Gold standard system

In the first six stages, the gold standard system is adopted to ensure users' income.


Come and join the MNS contract program

MNS builds a decentralized financial future

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