New Progress, Portaldot Will be Official Launchesd in Mid-June



After the POA, POS test of the online line and stable operation, the official deployment of the Portaldot public chain main network has been basically completed. It is reported that the Portaldot main network will be officially launched in mid-June 2021.

Portaldot is a new generation of blockchain underlying agreement proposed and approved by the founding team of Portaldot Foundation in 2018. It aims to build a high-performance global blockchain application network service system for the real industry field. It is an industrial blockchain infrastructure with digital assets and digital assets based on blockchain.

Portaldot combines networks specifically in building a free blockchain world to support their large-scale, seamless collaborative work. Portaldot allows the secure delivery of any type of data between any type of blocks, so it unlocks a large number of real-world application scenarios, and by combining optimal functions from multiple dedicated blocks together, Portaldot will pave the way for a new decentralized market and provide fairer service support for a variety of decentralized applications.

Portaldot aims to complete the rights confirmation with a tamper-free database, and to automate the execution of intelligent contracts as a programmable platform, and but also as a de-mediated self-organization (Decentralization Organization,DAO) to establish a new type of production relationship and develop an industrial cooperative economic community.

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