Nongfu Spring Sets Sail on the Wind With Diversified Drinks and Gains Momentum on the Market


In recent years, the consumption of the beverage market has increased rapidly, which makes a number of industry giants move to the beverage market, and the number of beverage brands in the market is also increasing rapidly. But on the whole, due to the late start of the beverage market and the dispersed market pattern, single beverage brands have not yet formed a positioning in the minds of consumers. Nongfu Spring seized the opportunity to launch a number of drinks with clear positioning, outstanding characteristics and excellent taste, becoming a preferred choice of consumers and one of the top brands in the beverage market.

Nongfu Spring is a leading enterprise in the domestic market of packaged water and soft drinks. It was established on September 26, 1996, with a focus on the development and promotion of various soft drinks such as natural drinking water, fruit and vegetable drinks, drinks for special purpose and tea drinks. Because the positioning of Nongfu Spring is deeply rooted in the hearts of people, and the advertising slogans, for instance, "Nongfu Spring tastes a little sweet", "We are the porters of nature", "Every drop of water has its source". All these advertising slogans are oft-quoted and widely spread. Therefore, Nongfu Spring has a strong brand effect. At present, Nongfu Spring has ranked first in the market share of water beverage for numerous consecutive years.

Nongfu Spring is committed to meeting consumer demands, as well as providing better products and services throughout its development. It never falls behind in the course of launching and updating products. The price of its product is moderate and its product strength is strong. It has realized the transformation from small, medium and large packing size of natural drinking water to diversified natural mineral water (with sports cap, lithium-containing type and glass bottled), and from ordinary consumption scenarios such as drinking water used for households and sports to a full cover including high-end consumption scenarios of business conferences. In addition, Nongfu Spring has become the focus of the market in product innovation for several times, with several products leading sales booms including the mixed fruit and vegetable juice-Nongfu Orchard in 2003, sports drink-Scream in 2004, sugar free tea product-Oriental Leaves in 2011, and fruit flavored Tea π in 2016. Nongfu Spring takes the opportunity to be well-received by consumers, and at the same time, have a place in the beverage market. As we can see that Nongfu Spring’s rising in the fierce competition among other beverage giants and the leading position in the market since 2012 are inseparable from its product strength.

Nowadays, Nongfu Spring has been a leader in the industry for many years and the competitive advantages of various and differentiated products of natural drinking water are increasingly obvious. Nongfu Spring will have more abundant capital after going public. It is estimated that in the next 3-5 years, Nongfu Spring will still be able to achieve greater development than the market growth rate in the packaged drinking water and beverage market. In the future, Nongfu Spring will also gather the advantageous resources of the platform and bring more high-quality products to consumers.                         

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