Project GIES·UK UK-China Innovation Campaign:2020 Online Roadshow Was Successfully Held in Longhua District

2020-07-21 Chuangsai Innovation Industry (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

SHENZHEN, CHINA / July 20, 2020 / On the afternoon of July 17th, the " GIES·UK UK-China Innovation Campaign:2020 Online Roadshow " was successfully held in Longhua District. The event was jointly sponsored by the the Longhua District Government, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, and the China-Britain Business Council. Leaders and guests who attended the online conference include Liberty Timewell, Acting Consul General of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, Wei Wang, District Mayor of Longhua District People's Government, Matthew Rous, president of the China-Britain Business Council, Yucai Jiang, president of the Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, and Nanpeng Shen, the global managing partner of Sequoia Capita. Leaders who attended the off-line session include Jianmin Chen, deputy head of Longhua District, Ju Zhang, vice president of Shenzhen Venture Capital Association, and Feng Zhang, Director of South China Region of the China-Britain Business Council and the chief representative of the Representative Office in Shenzhen. This event attracted several well-known investment institutions at home and abroad, including Sequoia Capital, Bosera Capital, Kunpeng Capital, Meituan Strategic Investment, Tencent, etc., to gather virtually and in-person to share opinions and thoughts.

It is learned that the "GIES·UK" project is an active exploration of Longhua District in the post-epidemic era as the actively bucking the trend and being innovative in inviting investment. Through the offline presence in the Longhua Innovation Center, the establishment of the roadshow center that serves the "International Connect" project, and the creation of six online platforms, including the "Conference Center, Think Tank Center, Information Center, Incubation Center, International Investment and Financing Activities, and Special Funds", Longhua District connects resources across origins, integrates online and offline services, and presents to the world, from all angles and at different levels, its investment environment, resource elements, project services, industrial environment, and frontier technology that attracts international high-end talents, innovation capital, subdivision industry leaders and other economic driving core elements to settle in Longhua to create an international conference center. The first stop of the "International Connect" project is in the UK. It aims to maximize the integration of resources and channels in China and the UK, and to invite more innovative and technological business to Longhua. The project promotes cooperation with the China-Britain Business Council and organizes online roadshow meetings, offline project exchanges, and business visits that involve topic such as artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, digital and creative technology, financial technology, and medical technology.

Mr. Wei Wang, who is the District Mayor of Longhua District People's Government, said that this event uses a combination of online and offline methods, which is good for connecting and matching international resources. According to Mr. Wang, China and the UK has a solid foundation of cooperation and an immense space for corporation in areas of artificial intelligence, high-end manufacture, and technological innovation. Mr. Wang invites all entrepreneurs to invest in Longhua, seek corporation, and expand prospects, opening up a new era of cooperation. Yiting Tang, Acting Consul General of the British Consulate General in Guangzhou, expressed expectation for deeper communication between China and Britain.

Prior to this event, Shenzhen Venture Capital Association and the China-Britain Business Council fully leveraged their resource advantages and connected with dozens of innovative startups with high development potential. They will plan monthly project roadshow activities focusing on artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, digital creative technology, financial technology, and medical technology. During this special roadshow for "Artificial Intelligence", a panel of guest experts composed of industry experts, entrepreneurs, and investment institutions conducted professional evaluation and commented on five of the high-value-added projects with core patented technologies. They greatly stimulated company's enthusiasm for innovation and confidence in development and will assist the project to quickly enter the Chinese market with the help of Longhua and its platform of "International Communication".

It is reported that after the UK station, the "International Connect" project will continue to launch the German station, France station, Israel station, Japan station, etc., aiming to build an international industrial cooperation platform, bring international elements into Longhua's development, and better enhance the quality of Longhua's economic and social development. In addition, Longhua District will issue a special funding policy for the "International Connect" project, providing companies that intent to come to Longhua with assistance in housing and land and support for incubation space. With its strengthened business service and industry guidance, Longhua will help more overseas high-tech and high-growth companies settle in Longhua.

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