Qingdao is Building the Industrial Internet Capital of the World

2021-03-02 markets.financialcontent.com

At the beginning of 2020, Qingdao City of Shandong Province anchored a new track for urban development, aiming at building the Industrial Internet Capital of the World, and fully exerting its efforts in the development of the industrial Internet. In just one year, the changes and achievements are eye-catching, and a rich industrial Internet ecosystem is accelerating its formation.
Focusing on the goal of building the Industrial Internet Capital of the World, in 2020, Qingdao released the overall planning and implementation scheme for the industrial Internet field, coordinating the tasks of laying out new infrastructure, promoting new models, integrating new technologies, and cultivating new industries, in accordance with the principle of filling what’s lack, concentrating its efforts to introduce all kinds of innovation platforms and leading enterprises. Under the guidance of opening up, Qingdao has deeply integrated into the global industrial system and fully promoted the construction of the Industrial Internet Capital of the World.
According to the common needs of digital construction and application in various fields, Qingdao has opened up data channels and accelerated the construction of Internet, and built a total of 15,000 5G base stations in the city.
Industrial Internet to reflect the value must rely on all walks of life to “access to the Internet” and “use the Internet”. Over the past year, Qingdao’s enterprises have accelerated the “access to the Internet”, and the “digital base” of Qingdao’s industrial Internet has become more and more solid.In 2020, the digitalization rate of production equipment in Qingdao has reached 53.4%, the penetration rate of digital R&D and design tools has reached 87.4%, the digitalization rate of key processes has reached 54.6%, the average operating cost of enterprises has dropped by 27%, and the average product R&D cycle has been shortened by 26%.
While the total amount of "access to the Internet" continues to increase, the quality of "access to the Internet" of Qingdao's enterprises is also constantly improving.After tasting blood of industrial Internet transformation, enterprises are very willing to embrace and try various new technologies in order to accelerate the promotion of supply chain, production, manufacturing, sales and service competitiveness.
In 2020, Qingdao released 1,300 "industrial empowerment" scenarios based on 12 categories and 63 subdivisions by industry and field, and analyzed the demand distribution of the whole city. Among them, the two categories with the most demand are intelligent applications and intelligent software, accounting for 40.5% and 18.7% respectively.
At the same time, Qingdao is speeding up the construction of "double-cross" platform, characteristic platform and public service platform, addressing the common needs of enterprises, enhancing the ability of data as the main production factor to participate in value creation and distribution, and gradually forming a platform development pattern of "one super multi-specialty. The world's leading "double cross" platform - Haier COSMOPlat, has linked nearly 700,000 enterprises and served more than 60,000 service enterprises.
In 2021, Qingdao will make full use of the good atmosphere already formed, give full play to the first-mover advantages of industrial Internet, continue to push forward the in-depth implementation of the three-year plan, promote the fundamental changes of the production mode and corporate shapes of the manufacturing industry, break the barriers and open new roads, and step into the deep-water area from the industrial Internet proving ground.

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