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From ancient times to the present, there are various categories of art in the world, such as calligraphy and painting, porcelain, gold, silver and jade, and so on. People's understanding of art, from the beginning of the play to treasure to the present collection investment. The change is not only the continuous improvement of people's spiritual and cultural needs, but also the rapid development of the national economy. The antiques collection market is expanding. Art has long become the third major investment channel after stocks and real estate. As an important carrier of traditional culture, fine porcelain is of better value. And with the precipitation of porcelain in the current market value trend is also rising, high value preservation rate has attracted the attention and favor of many collectors and investors.

Ge kiln one color ancient elegant, for the essence of the Song Dynasty, thousands of years with the simple and elegant temperament to subdue countless admirers, for the literati elegant first push the best. Ming Zhang Qiande (1577-1643)" Bottle Flower Spectrum "praise said :" Shanggu Mo such as bronze ware, kiln wood, you are the most expensive and the world has no, official, brother, Xuan, as the first treasures today ." Therefore, the glaze is also loved by Hongli. In the early years of Qianlong, there was a large number of glazes in each single item of the famous porcelain items of the previous generation. For example ," Qianlong three years June 25: seven-pint leader Samuha, urged the general Bai Shixiu to say eunuchs Gao Yujiao:... A double tube bottle, a four-height bottle, a Tai Chi paper mallet bottle, a big man, six square double tube, a garlic head bottle, a sunflower pen wash, a kiln waist can, a message: cross and burn magnetic device Tang Ying,......... So they burned and sent. After burning will hand over the original magnetic device back, still hand over the porcelain library. This magnetic device has a large plate should be drawn to take its small porcelain utensils with each belt. That's it ." What's more, as the Qianlong ten years (1745)" Qianlong chronicle "," February 7: to make Tang Ying according to slag bucket wood-like kiln porcelain bottle, imitation of the old do not want, such as imitation of the old better ". It can be seen that Emperor Qianlong attached importance to the antique glaze porcelain. Tang Ying in Yongzheng 13 years "Tao Cheng Chronicle Stele" on the court imitation of the situation :" imitation iron bone brother glaze, there are two kinds of beige, pink and green, both imitation of the old device color ." Because according to the Qing Palace old collection of the kiln object to imitate the burning, the natural character is different, to achieve "antique dark, and no two" degree. This product is at that time antique masterpiece, showing Hongli love in the brother kiln literati temperament.

The kiln is broken, and the iron foot is called "Zhen ." This is the Qianlong emperor in 1781," Yongge kiln sunflower bowl "in the poem, said the beauty of the kiln. Some people call the opening pattern of the kiln porcelain as the broken grain on the tea egg, which is also an interpretation.
 The predecessors on the Song Dynasty five famous kilns :" Rain over the sky Qing dialect Ru kiln, such as ice like jade official kiln, gold wire on the kiln, sunset purple Cui Jun kiln, pure white appraisal kiln ." "Gold wire" is the iconic feature of the kiln. Because of the high iron content in the soil of the kiln porcelain, most of the bodies are purple, black or brown. The slag bucket of the Qianlong imitation kiln in the Qing Dynasty was covered with cracks between yellow and black, that is ," golden wire ", gold wire refers to fine pieces, yellow, iron wire refers to large pieces, black. The formation of gold wire is due to the cracking of porcelain after kiln because of the different expansion coefficient of tire and glaze.

Slag bucket, originated in Jin Dynasty, is a traditional Chinese handicraft with a long history. It is mainly used on the table, to the Ming and Qing dynasties also used for bedside and several cases of small waste.

This Qing Qianlong imitation brother kiln slag bucket, caliber :16.5 cm, high :10.8 cm, bottom diameter :7.6 cm, upper shape such as disk, its lower bundle neck, round abdomen, its lower bearing short circle foot, the shape is correct, the fetal quality is delicate and hard, rare treasure. The glaze is light brown, the glaze is thick and delicate, the glaze is open, the coarse black crack is intertwined with the fine reddish brown crack, forming the "golden wire" pattern. Slag bucket, usually used to hold spit, or placed at the table to hold food dregs, small slag bucket is also used to hold tea dregs. This Qing Dynasty Qianlong imitation elder brother kiln slag bucket type is small, the shape is regular and round, has the elder kiln glaze surface to open the typical characteristic.

Contemporary slag bucket and flowerpot and other porcelain is famous at home and abroad, has always been a rare treasure in the world. This Qing Dynasty Qianlong imitation brother kiln slag bucket from the texture ," open "texture are all fine, because the same kind of porcelain is not many, but the market demand is huge. So in the present and even in the future market value increase and preservation rate are very considerable, it is a rare collection of art resources.

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