Restaurant delivery service robot Lele.


Nowadays continuous growth of labor cost, structural shortage of labor force and rising turnover rate, restaurant owners need to solve the problem. In addition, the catering is facing fierce competition. It is obvious that restaurants can not meet the needs of current consumers simply by improving food taste. Therefore, the service experience of consumers is very important. It is necessary for restaurant robots to replace some restaurant workers 

In response to this phenomenon, we have launched a restaurant delivery service robot LeLe


The overview of function 

1. Welcome and reception: when a guest enters the restaurant, the robot greets the guest and broadcasts the welcome words.

2. Food delivery: the robot provides food delivery service for guests. When dining out, the robot delivers food to the guests according to the corresponding table number, saving most of the restaurant manpower.

3. Publicity and drainage: the robot screen can play the restaurant propaganda videos and pictures, recommend the restaurant's special food on the day, and attract the flow of people at the door through the image of the robot.

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