Shi Sanmao, a liberal painter



Shi Sanmao (Sanshun · wind and rain dance music · ghost amulet), born in Taiyuan, China, was born in the 1960s. He likes to scribble and write freely. He has no family, no school, no title. His paintings are called abstract thinking and express their inner world with paintings. Because of the different contents, different characters, different men and women, and different cultural level and preferences, their works are different. Painting not only brings me fun, but also brings me comfort like a good friend. When I'm happy, I use color to draw my joy; when I'm not happy, I paint my troubles with paint. Painting has become an indispensable part of my life. Painting, is an art, is a kind of exquisite, impeccable art. The art of painting can make people feel endless fun. Painting is a very elegant art, it can cultivate people's sentiment. With it, I believe it will go with me in my life.



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