The Gig Public Chain Clarifies The Direction For The Blockchain Consensus Platform


The Wall Street Journal reported that new decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges are emerging. According to data from data provider Messari, last month, $122 billion in transactions occurred on detes, compared to less than 1 billion a year ago. US dollars. Under the DEX trend, the most sexy topic of the current blockchain is how to build a simple, easy-to-use, safe, reliable, fast and powerful digital transaction ecology, so as to realize the transfer and fission of value, and create a higher-dimensional consensus pattern?


"Cryptocurrency is not a zero-sum game." "We believe that decentralized exchanges are a way to expand opportunities for users." In 2021, after in-depth demonstration, we decided to devote ourselves to developing a digital consensus that represents the highest level of the global industry The public chain GIG invests in the public chain to support the underlying operation of the future world. Promote the transformation of the zero-sum game to the consensus mechanism, so that the defense of each consensus is based on the maximization of everyone's interests.

To create a borderless blockchain world with a new attitude, the GIG public chain will make every effort to realize the four major changes in the blockchain market. First, GIG will transform the zero-sum game mechanism that maximizes the personal interests of traditional exchanges in the past into a collective consensus mechanism of "hello, me, hello, everyone". Through this transformation, all individual behaviors are centered on the whole Adjust interests to realize the vision of working together and sharing wealth.


Second, GIG will establish the world's first consensus index for digital assets, and transform the thinking of investing in individual digital assets in the past into the current investment industry index, minimizing risks, and realizing the transformation of the uncertainty of the entire industry to a more deterministic direction.

Third, GIG will solve the core issues of data on-chain, data right confirmation, data intelligence, and data transaction, and apply the intelligence of data to projects to promote project development.

Fourth, GIG will also establish a fragmented and cross-chain smart public chain to provide more SMEs with professional services such as "asset mortgage, financing, trading, commodity circulation, drainage, and community autonomy" to help project parties realize project planning.


For the current blockchain industry, there is an urgent need for a blockchain consensus platform like GIG to clarify the direction and create a consensus trading system that no longer steps on each other, zero-sum battles, and creates a win-win situation, for a large number of blockchain enthusiasts. Point out the direction and provide beacon lights. I believe that in the future, the GIG public chain will also become a beacon for a large group of fans, leading everyone to see the direction in the ocean of consensus ecology, and not let every holder get lost, and every follower will not be disappointed.

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