The Rise of Merak Network: Building the Titanic Gods of the DeFi World


Merak in the Arctic sky, or Beta Ursae Majoris (β UMa), is the second star from the mouth of the spoon in the spoon image of the Big Dipper. with an apparent magnitude of 2.37, Merak is a subgiant star larger than the Sun!

We named it after the Merak Network - a symbol that Nick Szabo's position in the industry is like that of the Merak star in the Arctic sky.

From the loss of Nick Szabo to the rise of Merak

Nick Szabo is a living legend in both the cryptocurrency cryptocurrency world and in the cryptography academy. Although the name is not exactly a household name, and cryptocurrency geeks probably haven't even heard of him. However, to true cryptography enthusiasts, Nick Szabo is a god-like being.

From the origins of coins, the origins of economics and law, to cryptography and blockchain technology, the man who has covered a wide range of topics is a born erudite and unique person. Nick Sabo combined key elements of both computing and law disciplines to create the concept of "smart contracts" in 1996. Years later, "smart contracts" became the core "feature" of the Ethernet blockchain protocol, which developed a whole new model of Internet commerce.

Unfortunately, in the history of blockchain world's achievements today, Nick Szabo's name has been hidden in the past of history. When we talk about big names in blockchain technology, Satoshi Nakamoto (founder of Bitcoin), Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ether), Jihan Wu (founder of Bitmain), Daniel Larimer (co-founder of Bitshares, Steem and EOS), and even Satoshi Auburn, Nick Szabo is the only one missing.

As a student of Nick Sabo, Geoffrey Jager has been dedicated to following in his teacher's footsteps by developing innovations in smart contract technology, and this persistent pursuit has finally paid off.

This is how Merak Network was born.

Building the Titanic God of the DeFi World

Using Nick Szabo's smart contract technology, Geoffrey Jager created the Merak Network blockchain project, a tribute to his predecessor!

Merak Network's most significant innovation lies in building a new generation of DeFi+NFT smart contract underlying protocol that is revolutionary for global digital financial investments, the way virtual game assets are bought, sold and created, and creating its own Merak metaverse value world!

Merak Network: opportunity, continuous creation, constant release of energy.

The metaverse needs power, and Merak empowers software, including decentralization, privacy security, and user certainty.

Merak Network is using blockchain technology to build decentralized financial ecosystem and DAO community-based services. Our members are the primary stakeholders in the Merak Network ecosystem and we are committed to maximizing the value of our members.

In the future, all games released on the Merak public chain will become a unique class of NFT digital assets, giving both players and game creators the opportunity to earn real profit in return.

Company Name:Merak Foundation Limited

Contact Person:Geoffrey Jager


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