The most "indecent" suncream: TINANIK not only protects against sun, but also whitens and resists aging


TINANIK is a full-line skin care brand from South Korea, among which suncream is brilliant and has received rave reviews for its high quality and low price. Sunscream, as its name implies, can prevent sun. Then, why does TINANIK deus ex among suncreams?

In the introduction of the functions of TINANIK, there is a phrase that is hard to see in other suncreams: Three effects in one. They are sun protection, whitening and anti-aging.

For sun protection function, the sun protection ability mainly depends on its resistance to UVA and UVB, which can cause harm to human body. The reference indexes are PA and SPF respectively. The two indexes of Tininik are PA++++ and SPF50+, which are higher than those of most suncream products.

However, resisting UVA and UVB is only to prevent users from tanning. To whiten skin, it is necessary to solve the chief culprit of blackening skin---melanin. It can be seen that nicotinamide is the main component of TINANIK. Nicotinamide is a common component in whitening products, which can not only prevent the production of melanin, but promote the shedding of melanin.

The sun's damage to skin is more than visible sunburn and tanning, skin's quick-aging after long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays is also an issue, which is why outdoor workers often look older than their peers. And this is the last one of the three effects of Tinanik suncream mentioned above---anti-aging. TINANIK suncream contains Adenosine. Adenosine is an antioxidant, which can promote the metabolism of skin cells and prevent the relaxation of skin tissues. Generally speaking, the function of adenosine is wrinkle removal and anti-aging.

Above all, TINANIK suncream is kind of "indecent". Besides sun protection, it has also developed the auxiliary functions of whitening and anti-aging. This also captures the pain point of people in skin care, that is, just protecting skin can no longer satisfy consumers. After all, who doesn't want to be both fair-skinned and youthful in the hot sun?


Tinanik is a young skin care brand from South Korea, blending the best South Korean ingredients with the best South Korean cosmetic research technology to produce skin care products containing natural energy and vitality, bringing Asian women the most suitable skin care holy products for Oriental people.



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