The third season of the first variety show and singing competition in Tsingtao, KING ON THE CLOUD is coming


Featuring on-site PK, online live shows and offline singing tours at theaters, new offers for the new year 2021, KING ON THE CLOUD LIVE SHOW has quickly ignited the fire of passion among fans. on-site PK of the third season of KING ON THE CLOUD LIVE SHOW will be broadcast live online. 5 new singers will show up on the stage and challenge the singers who succeeded in the previous two seasons. Come and be the fan that you are. Are you ready?

Don’t know KING ON THE CLOUD? Time to find out. The show is the Tsingtao version of I AM A SINGER and is hosted by the publicity department of the CPC Tsingtao municipal committee, the Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Tsingtao, Tsingtao Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Tsingtao Performing Arts Group, and Tsingtao Broadcasting System; organized by Tsingtao Song & Dance Theatre, TV program center of Tsingtao Broadcasting System, and Tsingtao Musicians Association; co-organized by Financial Media Center in Shinan district, and bureaus of culture and tourism across Tsingtao; and sponsored by Tsingtao Energy Group Co., Ltd.  KING ON THE CLOUD is first program where in the city where singing competitions are broadcast live.

The three judges of the third season of KING ON THE CLOUD LIVE SHOW are Lan Chunping, a senior media professional and class-I director, former Large-event director at Tsingtao TV station, chief director of Spring Festival gala; Ding Zhaohuan, a renowned singer and vice president of Shandong Pop Music Committee; and Gou Han, a male pop singer, singer-songwriter and music producer in Mainland China. Aside from the judges, on site is a music critic team of eight professional music critics, who will comment and vote on each contestant for their performance.

The third season of the show will kick off with the passionate rendering of a newly re-adapted song named Deer Be Free by four outstanding young singers from Tsingtao Song & Dance Theatre, Li Lianzhi, Li Zhengze, Zhang Xi and Zhang Yonglin.

The live streaming of the season will come online 19:00 Mar.5 2021. New singers will challenge singers who have already succeeded in previous seasons. Who will win? New singers? Or those who have already made it? Mar.5, again, KING ON THE CLOUD LIVE SHOW will be webcast live, on TikTok, and your king is waiting for you!

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