Transition from Primary to Secondary Learning at Wellington College International Hangzhou


At Wellington College International Hangzhou, one of the best international schools in Hangzhou, year 6 is a key year as it reviews and consolidates all of the learning that has taken place in Key Stage 2, while also extending pupils’ understanding of subjects, getting them ready for secondary school in Year 7. Pupils have access to a wide curriculum including studying English, Maths, Science and Theme, the majority of this is based on the English National Curriculum.

The English programme of study at Wellington, one of the most outstanding international schools in Hangzhou, covers all areas of composition, including writing a range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We consider the importance of the audience when writing, carefully plan and edit our work and look at examples of excellent texts to understand how we will be successful in our own writing. In Reading, we practise reciprocal reading, retrieval, and inference skills in order to give pupils the skills to become reflective and independent readers as they move into Year 7.

At Wellington, one of the best international schools in Hangzhou, year 6 Maths brings together all the key acts and skills learned throughout Key Stage 2 and begins to apply these areas such as fractions, decimals, percentages, and algebra. The school teachers also take time to develop pupils’ reasoning skills.Where possible, teachers at this international school tries to link Science and Humanities work together under the umbrella of Theme, but also make sure that they have covered the curricular areas necessary for pupils to be ready for Year 7.


In Science, teachers at this international school in Hangzhou encourage pupils to study the human body and its systems in depth. Teachers will guide pupils to look at evolution, light, and electricity. In Theme they look at what was happening in the world in 900CE, how mechanisms work in Design and Technology, and study key Geography skills such as map reading and comparing locations.

The expectations at the international school in Hangzhou are high – Wellington College International Hangzhou is working on the same curriculum as in the UK and benchmark Year 6 pupil progress against those same standards. But, just as importantly, this international school in Hangzhou would ensure that children are happy, confident individuals who embrace and embody the Wellington values, are ready to go out into the world and make a positive difference and can be the best they can possibly be. 

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