Tree-planting by Chinese and foreign friends adds momentum to the low-carbon sustainable development


At the “Two Sessions” (NPC and CPPCC) this year, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized, “clear waters and green mountains are as good as mountains of gold and silver, and we will stick to the path that prioritizes ecological protection and green development. On March 31, in order to fulfill its vision of green and low-carbon development, Beijing Investment Group (BIG) organized more than 70 people, including staff of Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) which is the user of Beijing Asia Financial Center, tenant representatives and entrepreneurs in Beijing, to plant “friendship trees”. This serves as a part of BIG’s initiative to promote low-carbon sustainable development and add a touch of green to the capital city.

Plant trees and protect greeneries to highlight the concept of eco-friendly development

As eco-friendly development continues to gain momentum, under the new concept of innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared development, Beijing Investment Group closely follows the vision of green development and undertakes to develop the subsidiary centers of Beijing. BIG takes the initiative to be responsible for the ecological and environmental protection in the subsidiary centers. More specifically, it’s committed to ecological protection and restoration and expanding green space in urban and rural areas. Its ultimate goal is to contribute its part to the creation of a beautiful China with green mountains, clear water, and fresh air, thereby fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Two Vice presidents of AIIB and some of the staff participate in this event. Sir Danny Alexander, Vice presidents of AIIB told the reporter “We would very much like to be part of this event. Planting trees is very important. For AIIB I hope we can contribute more to the green development of Beijing, and to the world.


When visiting Asia Financial Center, the reporter saw that the building adopts double-layer breathable glass-paneled curtain wall; grille-type electric sunshade is set inside the glass cavity of the curtain wall; and the grille is engraved with patterns of Chinese knot in exact resemblance of the building’s design from a bird view, which implies China’s connection to the world. The Chinese knot pattern makes the electric sunshade highly permeable when in use, providing sufficient natural lighting for the office and reducing the use of artificial lighting and carbon emissions.

The joint efforts of Chinese and foreign friends breathe a new life into low-carbon environmental protection

Asia Financial Center carries the functions of an international exchange center and an international financial center. By organizing the activity of “planting trees to build friendship”, it provided an opportunity for bonding between Chinese and foreign friends. The representatives of AIIB and companies gathered here to show how much they value low-carbon sustainable development with practical actions and contributed to the protection of environment and our shared planet.


At the site of tree-planting activity on the east side of Asia Financial Center, more than 30 foreign friends and 40 business representatives worked together in hilling, watering and planting saplings, and hang nameplates with planters’ names and blessing messages in the saplings.


Levi Archer, an 8-year-old from New Zealand, participated in the tree-planting activity for the first time and carefully watered the saplings for fear that they might not survive due to improper planting methods. Together with the adults, the child planted the saplings, which are the epitome of the common wish for a low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly future, in the soil next to Asia Financial Center and said with excitement, “This building is so beautiful. Planting trees can protect the environment. I am very happy to contribute to environmental protection. I will come back to do the same next year.”


Chinese and foreign friends have planted ailanthus altissima saplings which not only stand for the good wishes for a low-carbon, green, environmentally friendly future, but also build a bridge of friendship for international exchanges. As time goes, the “tree of international friendship” will take root and sprout.

Hou Miaomiao, administrator from the company Sino-Nodic Promotion Association for Green Sustainable Development(SNPA)Limited , a tenant of Asia Financial Center, said it’s an honor to plant a tree or a symbol of international friendship in such a nice environment, which is very memorable. “Not only are we planting trees to protect the forest, but working inside the building is also like being in a forest oxygen bar.”

Asia Financial Center is planted with 7 trees of more than 10 meters in height, which stand in various courtyards with lush branches and leaves, constantly delivering fresh oxygen to the building and purifying the indoor air like no other places in China and even in the world. Each of the trees in the building can only grow well with the help of scientific lighting, planting and high-tech equipment. Tenants working in such an environment can feel inspired and relaxed.

Liu Jingwen from Nongfu Investment Company visited the building and said that Asia Financial Center is like a piece of art, and it is very comfortable inside it as if you were outdoors. The garden space and the view outside the window are all very entertaining, and the 80-meter-tall atrium is both solemn and magnificent. “If we were to choose an office building again, Asia Financial Center would still be our first choice,” said Liu Jingwen with a smile.

Take the lead in performing “planting” responsibilities to create an eco-friendly office environment

With the aggravation of environmental pollution, the increase of work pressure and the high daily workload, office workers who spend long hours in office buildings crave for an eco-friendly work environment. Asia Financial Center attaches great importance to the notion of green architecture at the design stage, and applies intelligent systems in the whole life cycle management of the building, thereby saving resources, protecting the environment, reducing pollution, and creating a high-quality green building in which people and nature can stay in harmony.

As a landmark green architecture rated Platinum in international LEED certification and 3-Star in China’s green building certification system, Asia Financial Center adheres to the pro-ecology concept of energy conservation, emission reduction, low carbon and environmental protection, minimizing the impact on the environment and providing a natural, healthy and comfortable office environment for its corporate tenants.


Sun Hongshan -Member of the Party committee, chief accountant of BIG said, “ BIG will be part of the movement in building a green and low-carbon economy, so that a balance can be struck between ecological protection and economic development.. Asia Financial Center will uphold the new concept of green, innovative and energy saving development, usher in a new era for eco-friendly office buildings, and let Chinese and foreign clients have a better work experience.


After the event, Chinese and foreign friends took group photos with the friendship trees as the background to leave a beautiful memento. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all stakeholders, this place will go from having an “International Friendship Tree” to having a “International Friendship Forest”. As an influential international exchange center and international financial center in Beijing, Asia Financial Center will attract more high-quality clients to settle in, so that the Olympic Functional Area can become the place for meeting distinguished guests in the capital. Such arrangement can provide strong new momentum to building Beijing into a national political center, a cultural center, an international exchange center, and a science and technology innovation center. It can also inject new energy into the implementation of the national development strategy.


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