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In this Teachers in Profile Series, we speak to our educators to learn more about why they chose teaching as their vocation, about what plans they have for the future and why Wellington College was their school of choice. In this article from the series we discuss aspects of teaching and learning with Mr Peter Okwiri from Tianjin International Senior School.

Physics Teacher —— Peter Okwiri

Q : Why did you decide to join Wellington College Tianjin?

Peter:I had read about the school and strongly felt it will be a challenging and stimulating experience to work for Wellington College Tianjin.

Q : What was it that interested you in Physics?

Peter:My interest in physics dates back to my days in high school. My physics teacher, Mr. Muturi, was passionate about the subject and made it interesting, which built the solid foundations and interest towards the subject.

Q : What made you passionate about teaching?

Peter:Central to my passion is my inherent interest in working with children. It humbles me to see my students succeed. It is those small successes that I witness in my students every day that drives me in teaching. 

Q : What were your greatest achievements in your role as a teacher?


  • Star Subject Teacher, 2020, Bilingual College (Wuhan)

  • Teacher Most Recognised by Peers, 2020, Bilingual College (Wuhan) 

  • Subject Teacher Most Recognised by students, 2020, Bilingual College (Wuhan)

  • Overall best Physics teacher at District level, 2010, 2009, Kathonzweni District

  • Overall best Mathematics teacher at District level, 2009, 2010 – Kathonzweni District

  • Overall best Principal (Clay Secondary School) – 2010, Kathonzweni District

Q : As a physics teacher, what will be your major priorities this year for teaching and learning?

Peter:I will strive to help the Science department in realizing goals and targets, ensuring that each student is able to achieve his or her potential.

I will strive to improve performance in physics by employing inquiry-based instruction, differentiation to meet each learner’s needs, and prompt interest and ability among my pupils and add the infusion of technology in my teaching at Wellington College Tianjin.

Q : What advice would you give to parents whose children are interested in the sciences?

Peter:Parents should encourage children to have a positive attitude, work hard and believe in their ability in order to achieve their dreams. 

Q : What is the benefit of doing practical experiments over just a theory-based curriculum?

Peter:Inquiry-based learning puts the learner at the centre of learning and thereby promotes deeper understanding of the content. Further, it makes learning more rewarding and fosters more curiosity about learning, leading to development of skills. As a life skill, it helps students learn how to learn.

Q : What are your other interests apart from teaching?

Peter:Sports (football and volleyball), running a club, excursions and community service.

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