Happy First Anniversary Of Debut To Chinese Pop Idol Huchunyang


Hu Chunyang (born on February 5, 1999, in Baoding, Hebei China) is a Chinese mainland male pop singer. At the beginning of 2019, he participated in the youth inspirational variety show “QingChunYouNi” as a trainee, which was launched by iQIYI in the first quarter of 2019 and made his debut as the sixth member of boy group UNINE.

As the youngest member of UNINE, he always surprises the audiences and his fans. At first, he said that he just wants to sing. However, after he tried rap at his first stage, he explored interests in rap because rap allows him to express himself. Chunyang enjoys the stage as a rapper. Now, he is the rapper of UNINE.

His name “Hu Chunyang” is as young and vigorous as himself, which means a diversifolious poplar tree growing in spring, vigorous and strong. Though now he is a little tree, with our love, he will grow into a towering tree and become our shelter.

Resume (2019 — 2020)

On April 25, Chunyang was voted the 56th most beautiful new faces of LikeTCCAsia China.
On May 6, UNINE released their first EP “UNLOCK”, including three songs “Bomba”,”Like A Gentleman”,”CHUNRIJIYI”.
On May 6, UNINE’s variety show “UNINE Bomba”, which Hu Chunyang participated in ,aired.
On May 15, as the representative of Asian youth, Chunyang participated in Asian culture carnival with other members of UNINE and performed “Young Asia”.
On August 7, Chunyang, together with other members of UNINE, participated in the CCTV-3 special program for the Chinese Valentine’s Day “Lovers in the world” and performed the opening song “new heartbeat” with Huang Ling.
On August 30, Chunyang won the Most Popular New Artist Award in the Chinese music festival with UNINE.
On October 12, Chunyang participated in the youth sports entertainment event ” Super Nova Games”.
On October 21, UNINE released their second EP “UNUSUAL”.
On December 4, Chunyang and his group were invited to attend the 2019 MAMA.
On January 18, 2020, UNINE released the single “yao a yao”.

April 6, 2020 is Chunyang’s one-year debut anniversary. We want to take this opportunity to speak to Chunyang, “Happy one-year debut anniversary, Chunyang!”

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