The Application of CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine for Medicine Packing Box

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Medicines are special products that have passed scientific research and development, that is, after a large amount of investment in the early stage, it is approved for production and market after clinical verification. At present, the scale of the medical market continues to expand, but with it comes the safety of medicines. However, the use of laser marking technology can effectively solve the problems of forgery and channeling of medical products, thereby effectively ensuring the safety of medicines.

In addition, the current concepts of environmental protection and green production are advocated by all walks of life. There is no need to purchase consumables and clean the nozzle for the laser marking equipment. It is more environmentally friendly than using ink, and it can also greatly save operating costs. How to construct the safety traceability of medicines, laser coding machine is the key. The application of laser marking machines in the medical marking industry has been widely popularized. Its non-contact and pollution-free marking method can meet the safety and health requirements of medical products. The information marked by laser marking technology is clear and beautiful, has strong corrosion resistance, which is not easy to be altered and erased. This guarantees the anti-counterfeiting of pharmaceutical products and makes consumers more assured.

Laser marking on medicine packing boxes is an efficient marking method that can mark text, two-dimensional codes, bar codes, or logos. The laser marking machine can not only achieve permanent marking but also mark multiple adjacent products during the movement of the conveyor belt to match the production line of the product.

Compared with other industries, the pharmaceutical and medical device packaging industries require high-quality variable coding. When it comes to regulatory requirements and traceability encoding and high reading rate bar codes, excellent legibility and contrast are essential. CYCJET laser coding machine can realize UDI code, one item one code. High-quality code can ensure the traceability of the product, and meet the national UDI unique identification system regulations.

With the rapid development of science and technology, the production form of pharmaceutical packaging has gradually changed from manual packaging to mechanical automated production. At the same time, due to the sensitivity of medicines, the government has gradually strengthened supervision over the production process of medicines in recent years. In order to produce medicines that meet the standards of the pharmaceutical industry, reduce the risk of pollution in the medicine production process, and at the same time to control the cost in the production process, most pharmaceutical companies have begun to use automated production equipment for the production of medical packaging.

The fly laser marking machine is the right assistant to help pharmaceutical companies realize mass production of traceability codes and automated production of medical packaging.

Recommended equipment: CYCJET CO2 Laser Marking Machine

1. CO2 fly laser marking machine adopts CO2 laser, equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer and beam expanding focusing system, with high marking accuracy and high marking speed.

2. The line effect of laser marking is fine and uniform. The marking effect is clear, beautiful, and permanent, which is easy to prevent counterfeiting. The reading rate of marked QR codes and bar codes is higher.

3. The high-speed laser marking machine has a long working time. The software is powerful, it can mark on the surface of watery objects or on the surface of dry objects. It can also achieve flight marking and static marking.

4. Laser marking technology is a new generation of marking technology that meets European and American national standards and is more environmentally friendly.

5. The laser marking process has no consumables and is easy to maintain. Compared with an inkjet printer, the laser printer can save manpower and material resources and will lower the overall cost of long-term use.

6. The CO2 laser is suitable for all kinds of carton boxes, leather, wood, two-color board, acrylic, plastic, PVC, HDPE, and other various non-metal materials.

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