Intelligent Video and Audio Service Provider Meicam Ushered in New Actions at MWC Shanghai Conference

02-26 Digital Journal

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2021 kicked off in Shanghai on 23-25 Feb 2021. MWC hosted by GSMA is the world's most influential annual mobile communications event. As GSMA partner, Meicam was invited to attend the conference to witness the most innovative products and newest technologies, and jointly explore technology to create a better future.

In recent years, Meicam has made a lot of efforts in the audio and video technology field. From a single mobile SDK at the beginning, Meicam has developed Full-field solutions which cover various platforms including mobile, Web, PC,which supports Full-field solutions to provide services in various industries. Meicam provides the latest 4K video recording and editing SDK, AR face effects, automatic color correction, AI smart editing, H5 technology, cloud editing, virtual anchor, and other solutions. Moreover, Meicam has a smart video production service platform and material creator service platform, etc. Meicam has conducted in-depth technical cooperation with the top clients in various fields such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Asus, OnePlus, Lenovo, Bilibili, JD, Sina, etc. Besides, Meicam provides technical support to traditional enterprises such as State Grid and SMG which promote the use of integrated media in politics. At present, Meicam has cooperated with hundreds of customers at home and abroad, and its application scenarios cover different fields, including mobile Internet, smartphones, smart hardware, and integrated media construction, etc.

Nowadays, most Android mobile phone manufacturers adopt Meicam 's video and audio processing technology. Meicam has undergone deep hardware optimization, with excellent compatibility and processing speed, and smaller resource usage. Also, it provides an extremely simple interface, easily realizes 4K-level real-time video editing, full-process audio and video processing functions, etc. Excepting the traditional audio-visual and graphic image technology cooperation, AI technology assists and creative ability enhances are also Meicam 's solution to customers. OnePlus OS 11 was released last year September, and it has a function named AOD that included unique contour effects which is a fun program application for image processing realized by an AI technology provided by Meicam.  

Intelligent video and audio service provider Meicam ushered in new actions at MWC Shanghai Conference, and launched the latest intelligent video production service platform solution.

Today, the trend of information transmission has fully entered the era of video, and the demand for content production is becoming more intense. According to third-party statistics, the number of online video users in China has exceeded 900 million by December 2020. With the development of 5G, this trend is still expanding.

What is more, the application of artificial intelligence technology has gradually matured in the video field. Meicam has been paying attention to the evolution of the entire media production, from artificial to intelligent, from niche to mass, and from passive reception to individual interaction. Therefore, Meicam has been constantly exploring a combination between AI technology and the production process, while solving ultra-high production capabilities. Meanwhile, Meicam is focusing on lowering the threshold of video and audio production tools and technologies, but also while maintaining professionalism and high-quality effects. However, Meicam's latest intelligent video production service platform solution has perfectly solved the above problems.

Meicam Smart Video Production Platform is a one-stop smart video production ecological platform solution tailored for enterprise users. The platform can realize cross-network and cross-system remote operation, quickly realize the intelligent production and release of video content, and it meets the needs of multiple smart converged media applications, and also provide a simple and easy-to-use smart video content production toolset for government, corporate, and other media reporters and editors.

The Meicam smart video production platform is composed of multi-terminal smart production tools, smart video and audio algorithm engines, and smart content production management engines. Its production tools cover all terminals of mobile, web, and pc, helping enterprise users build their smart video production platforms. It can provide standard video production tools such as cloud editing, virtual anchors, smart editing, and the Tik-Tok effect. At the same time, it can also provide a one-stop overall intelligent video production platform solution and platform customization development and construction. The product line covers complete Video production business scenarios include the entire process of collection, editing, storage, management, distribution, and operation. At the same time, it has multi-dimensional AI technologies such as smart editing, smart stripping, smart tags, and smart templates to assist video production.

Cloud editing of the intelligent production platform is based on a broadcast-level image processing engine, new generation of cutting-edge B/S cloud architecture non-linear editing system, which integrates video editing, creative packaging, and special effect synthesis. It has audio-visual editing, multiple professional types of subtitles, and special effects packaging, Stickers, transitions, filter effects, audio editing, one-click theme packaging functions. In addition, it supports 4K HD multi-system, multi-frame rate, multi-format mixing, and seamless interaction between mobile, PC, and Web, which create a whole-process platform of video content production and production. Also, it supports exporting fcpxml, AAF, EDL timeline in sequence. The image and audio processing effects are meet criterion of China Broadcasting Network.

Meicam has been deeply engaged in the field of audio and video technology for decades, and continue to explore the possibilities of the industry and develop and optimize products based on users’ perspective. Meicam will utilize its technical advantages on traditional video and audio processing to help our partners realize business innovation and create better user value in the future.

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