D-box-the new vane of the DeFi track


In 2019, the concept of decentralized finance began to rise in the cryptocurrency market; in 2020, due to the “liquid mining” pioneered by Compound decentralized lending finance detonated the encrypted digital Huobi market, 2020 is also called “ The first year of DeFi"; in 2021, DeFi is about to usher in a brand new future. And D-box will be the wind direction indicator of this period!

In the new year, "traditional" cryptocurrency exchanges may play more roles and assume more responsibilities in the decentralized financial industry, instead of just listing currency and attracting traffic as in 2020. In addition, the rise of decentralized exchanges is expected to form a new force this year. Decentralized spot trading is a trustless market based on smart contracts. Users can transfer their cryptocurrencies through the blockchain network. Exchange into other cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency users have obtained a new asset appreciation channel through decentralized finance. Now people can use their assets to provide liquidity in the decentralized financial market to make money, instead of just holding cryptocurrencies and waiting as in the past. Price increased. In addition, effective improvements in user experience, regulatory frameworks, and expansion solutions will also greatly help the development of the decentralized financial industry. Regarding the regulatory framework, it was mentioned above that the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of Currency has given a "green light" to the decentralized financial market. Regulators have accepted the emergence of a new business model driven by decentralized financial technology, and even called for a review of outdated rules. In terms of user experience, with the further improvement of cross-chain interoperability, it will promote the enrichment of decentralized financial assets or applications, and even support asset interoperability. Together with the ever-decreasing development threshold and high developer freedom, it is bound to help Decentralized finance has achieved a blowout in terms of scenarios. In terms of expansion solutions, with the smooth launch of Ethereum 2.0 and the launch of the second-tier solution, the high gas fees and transaction delays encountered in the current decentralized financial market will be greatly improved. In response to this pain point, D-box quickly laid out the DeFi track.

D-box concept

As a new entrance to the blockchain world, D-box is building a blockchain ecosystem that includes digital assets, digital identities and digital social interactions. D-box aims to serve the future "encrypted digital economy and society", digital economy and society = digital assets + digital identity + digital social, lowering the barriers to the use of blockchain assets on a global scale. It is a wallet, an identity ID, a social tool, a transaction link, and a value router in the digital economy era. Through D-box, a series of behaviors such as payment, transfer, activities, and social interaction are aggregated in the application, and all digital assets are connected and activated, and the security and privacy of user communication, assets, transactions, and identity are guaranteed in one stop.

D-box provides revolutionary distributed digital financial services to people all over the world. Regardless of background, location or income, you can join the blockchain asset network. Based on D-box's products and main chain, in the future, it can help some developing countries build a new generation of financial infrastructure and have a more profound social influence on the traditional financial world.

Token introduction:

DYC is the D-box ecological governance token. Holding DYC can obtain governance voting rights. Token holders can vote through D-box to determine important parameters of the DeFi protocol and various proposals; they can obtain market-making income rights, and market makers participating in the liquidity pool DYS can obtain D- Dividend rewards for box agreement income; in addition, there is also the right to lock-up rewards, which are deposited in D-box and locked in the regular documentary system, and receive different years of income according to different lock-up periods. The lock-up rewards can be claimed at any time; and VIP members Rights and interests. Locked D-box can enjoy VIP membership privileges. It is planned to launch candy airdrops, CPU-free operations, market reminders and other privileges; finally, the same currency and the same rights, each Box token enjoys the same voting rights and economic benefits, D -Box Foundation does not enjoy any additional special rights.

Introduction to the system

Register and send 1000 locked DYC ecological tokens, 1% static release every month, 50-8000 growth rate mortgages will be released 10%; direct push will give 100 DYC governance tokens, and 50 people will be pushed indirectly Unlimited generation income rewards can be obtained, the fifth generation will be capped at 2000; the team mortgage users reach 300, and 2000 burst blocks will be released at one time. As the number of promotion and lock-up coins continue to grow, each new 300 people will complete large and small district Once, 2000 explosive blocks are released. After 2.0 goes online, access the DeFi function and introduce AMM automatic market maker,

Project Benefits:

At present, regulators no longer ignore the existence of decentralized finance. On the contrary, they are beginning to notice the huge potential of this emerging field. While including it in the scope of supervision, they are also considering how to formulate suitable for decentralized financial markets. The rules of development. Brian Brooks, the former acting administrator of the U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, wrote an article recently in which he pointed out that decentralized finance has reversed everything because the use of blockchain technology can provide financial services without human intervention. For example, a money market can be created by using interest rates based on an algorithm based on supply and demand, but in traditional banks, setting interest rates usually needs to be implemented by a special interest rate committee. Not only that, DeFi also supports decentralized transactions, allows users to complete financial services without a broker, and executes loan contract agreements without the involvement of loan officers or credit committees. Through algorithms, depositors can obtain very comprehensive interest rate information, so they can choose to provide the best interest rate financial institution; through software, the financial system can make the most reasonable credit business decision, determine whether it can lend to certain borrowers, and then eliminate artificial Discrimination issues. D-box strictly abides by regulatory rules. In addition, it is contract security. D-box jointly guarantees contract security from multiple dimensions, including security audits, contract multi-signatures, main chain plans, and code open source, and always puts user assets safely. In the first place; followed by decentralized autonomy, the establishment of a governance community D-box DAO, through the proposal and voting governance to promote the development of the project, the ultimate goal is to dissolve the foundation, to achieve more thorough decentralized autonomy; in the end, a good experience is Indispensable content for a good product, D-box's portable transaction process, rich market information, flexible fund management, and silky friendly interactive experience. With many highlights in one, it has been sought after by many users as soon as it went online!

Development route:

In August 2020, D-box formally established a special group to carry out market research

In October 2020, D-box team members are established and start the development of the underlying code

In December 2020, complete the research and development of the underlying code and start the market plan

January 2021 The business model is finally confirmed Create the DYS token ecological governance plan

The D-box App is officially launched in early February 2021

February 10, 2021, the exchange of the joint department plans to launch Huobi in June

On February 12, 2021, reached a strategic contract with Baijia top communities


In May 2021, upgrade D-box 2.0, access DeFi function, introduce AMM automatic market maker, and increase machine gun pool shield.

In 2021, the DeFi track will continue to advance and develop. It is undeniable that the current number of decentralized financial users only accounts for a very small part of the entire encryption industry. Its value is still in a depression, but we can see its huge With room for growth, traditional financial products with global inflation expectations and declining returns will also promote more mainstream users to choose DeFi, which in turn will usher in a new future for the entire market. The emergence of D-box is to lead more like-minded partners to cultivate the DeFi track more deeply, and D-box will live up to expectations and become a leader in the DeFi industry!

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