Sparta has been tested for half a year, and the V1 version will be released globally on March 1st


The financial industry has been moving from centralization to decentralization. In the early stages of the Internet, distributed data was used to build a universal distributed read/write system. With the passage of time, the scalability of the Internet has become higher and higher.

From the three points of privacy security, distributed network, and read/write/execute network, data ownership and privacy can be realized while reducing costs. In general, blockchain has made the financial industry no longer swinging. Many companies across industries are actively exploring and experimenting with the cryptocurrency market and exploring new opportunities.

More Internet companies will focus on making new models from the three key points of privacy and security, distributed networks, and read/write/execute networks. The financial service industry is a two-way street, striving to achieve decentralization, which not only adapts to traditional roles, but also needs to explore new opportunities.

There is a foundation to build a more decentralized future, and effective use cases need to be based on strong economic models that show that the cost of contracts between parties will be reduced. In terms of implementation, from the interoperability of blockchain smart contracts, to on-chain and off-chain special governance, and how the blockchain adapts to the existing regulatory framework, there are still many issues that need to be resolved.

Sparta (, as the project code name, originated in 2019 and was invested by Viola Private Equity. In 2018, ORLY SETTON had a wonderful idea that anyone can mine Bitcoin easily anywhere. Users can manage funds on this platform, which is a catalyst for the creation of an open financial system around the world.

At the same time, the team also hopes that Sparta can become a decentralized payment infrastructure in the future, realizing real-time payment and settlement between different networks and different currencies, combined with the DeFi concept, mainly taking the lending platform and order-thin decentralized exchanges as the absolute dominant With the expansion of both market size and user scale, products such as automated market makers (AMM DEX), Jurong Finance, NFT, insurance, and synthetic assets have gradually emerged. The composability of the DeFi protocol has led to the birth of "DeFi Lego". Further enrich the gameplay of DeFi.

According to US Reuters reports and reddit forum news, on March 1, 2021 Hong Kong time, Sparta ( cryptocurrency wallet was officially launched globally. The opportunities in the creation stage are the greatest and deserve our close attention.

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