Utopia, a decentralized financial platform, will be launched soon, opening an idealistic feast of national wealth


As the global economy has grown rapidly over the past decade, traditional financial institutions have been slow to adapt to structural changes in the demand for financial markets and the emergence of emerging economies.

In traditional financial system, entry threshold is higher, and requires the

administrative licensing and law cost of additional features, so did a lot of limitation, and often in the traditional system only large financial institutions can enter, lack of innovation, and within the traditional financial, the two sides cooperation is usually rely on the financial contract, need to comply with certain legal binding force on both sides, set forth the financial terms. Once the default requires credit system restriction or even administrative means access.This not only increases the risk of the market and the cost of centralised finance,but also the barrier to entry for users is extremely high.Secondly, in traditional financial services, information is often opaque and asymmetric. As ordinary users, the right to speak is usually very weak, the rules are made by a small number of people at the head, who make the rules will be more beneficial to who.

But now, the emergence of decentralized financial platform Utopia(Utopia Digital Kingdom) will completely change this situation!

Utopia is a decentralized financial platform built on the basis of blockchain,cryptocurrency, smart contract and other technologies. The platform launch team consists of a group of Utopian blockchain experts, technology geeks,sociologists and economists. All the values of the Utopia platform will be shared by all participating players! The platform does not carry out any fund precipitation, and all rewards will be directly transferred to the player's personal IM token wallet, which can be transferred out at any time. It is completely decentralized, and all transactions are run through the DAPP chain, which can not be tampered with by anyone, thus ensuring the security of players funds.

Utopia establishes a decentralized financial service system without credit risk through the distributed open source protocol of blockchain. The server is on the public chain, the smart contract cannot be tampered with by anyone and is governed by the same standard traceable code. The use of open source code at the same time allows users from the front end to the back end to use it without permission, significantly reducing barriers to entry and allowing participants to collaborate on financial products. A new capital allocation model, through transparent regulation to eliminate rent-seeking links, improve the innovation level of participants, promote efficient and healthy competition, maximize market efficiency, maximize the returns of digital capital.

In 2020, DEFI (Decentralized Finance) dominated the digital currency space,quickly exceeding $11 billion in lockouts and over 5,000 wallet downloads.Defi is just a small test of decentralized finance in the crypto industry. With theparticipation of big institutions and trading platforms, Defi 1.0 is coming to an end. With the conning of 2021, Defi 2.0 is beginning, and the next wave of wealth is coming quietly.

Defi, which leads the new financial future, should not only solve the financial needs between people, but also build a new financial system between people,between people and enterprises, and between enterprises. Replacing an entirely new ecosystem with an old one will not be natural or costless.

Defi is a global financial revolution and wealth upgrade, and is destined to be a pearl in the history of blockchain development and application.

Utopia will completely break the previous class solidification, subvert the

centralized wealth distribution mechanism and rebuild the social and financial order that everyone is equal through fair distribution, so that every ordinary person can have the opportunity to climb the top of the value chain!

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