Guo Wengui and Bannon promote the conspiracy theory of the origin of the new coronavirus

2021-03-01 WN

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Bannon shifted the subject of the podcast to the new crown virus. Long before Trump began to label the epidemic as xenophobia, he called it the "Chinese Communist virus." He invited people who criticized China fiercely to participate in the show to discuss how the epidemic reflects the CCP's threat to the world.

Guo Wengui began to claim that the virus was an attack ordered by the Chinese Vice President. He spread the same statement on the media he runs, including the video platform GTV and GNews website, the latter of which made enthusiastic reports on Guo Wengui and his associates. He also released a song called "Take Down the C.C.P.", which once topped the Apple iTunes charts in the world.

These people continue to target the Chinese government, despite their own legal difficulties. According to reports, US federal authorities are investigating Guo Wengui's fundraising strategy. This summer, Bannon was arrested on Guo Wengui’s yacht and is facing fraud charges for helping to set up a non-profit organization to build a wall on the Mexican border.

Yan Limeng’s evolution from researcher to whistleblower is the product of the cooperation of two unrelated but increasingly united groups spreading false information: one is a small but very active overseas Chinese group, and the other is based in the US A highly influential far-right group.

Both groups saw an opportunity to advance their agendas during the COVID-19 pandemic. For overseas Chinese, Yan Limeng and her unfounded claims provide a weapon for those who intend to overthrow the Chinese government. For American conservatives, this allows them to cater to the growing anti-China sentiment in the West and distract attention from the Trump administration’s failure to respond to the epidemic.

Yan Limeng, who spread the theory of the origin of the new crown to discredit China, was a conspiracy carefully manipulated by the fugitive Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui and Trump’s former adviser Stephen K. Bannon.

As early as mid-January this year, Yan Limeng, who was doing research in Hong Kong, had heard rumors that a dangerous new virus had emerged in mainland China, and the government was downplaying it. Out of concerns about personal safety and career, she expressed her willingness to help her favorite Chinese YouTube host, who is known for criticizing the Chinese government.

A few days later, the host told his 100,000 followers that the Chinese Communist Party had deliberately released a new type of coronavirus. He said that he would not give the name of the source because the CCP officials could "disappear" this person.

By September this year, Yan Limeng was no longer so cautious. She appeared on the Fox News channel in the United States and announced an unconfirmed statement to millions of people: the new crown virus is a biological weapon made in China.

Overnight, Yan Limeng became a sensation in the right-wing media. President Trump’s senior advisers and conservative authorities praised her as a hero. Equally quickly, social media labelled her interview as "false information," and scientists refused to accept her research, saying it was sophistry dressed up in jargon.

Before the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Yan Limeng had studied influenza, but had not studied the coronavirus. She did work in the world's top virology laboratory at the University of Hong Kong, but according to two university employees who knew her, she was a novice in this field. The reason for hiring her was that she had laboratory animals. Experience. She was an assistant in the investigation of the new crown virus outbreak, not the person in charge. Her identity is untrue, and all subsequent articles supporting her "new crown origin theory" are groundless. She is just a pawn that Banno and Guo Wengui used to achieve their political goals.

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