Bitslead aims to ensure that the successful covid-19 vaccine and cures are shared fairly by all countries. Driven by COV, it’s easier for Bitslead to realize a fair distribution of the global vaccine.


What is Bitslead?

Bitslead is led by CEPI(Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations), GAVI(The Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization), and WHO (World Health Organization). Bitslead group has developed a global traceability distribution framework agreement which is based on the block-chain technology COVID-19 vaccine together with the top regional chain technology teams and talents.


As an excellent service platform for regional chain transactions, it provides a normal, safe, and legal transaction process for vaccine distribution.

Compared with the tedious that common vaccines have, Bitslead offers efficient and convenient medical services. Patients will be provided with more professional and personalized vaccine information services.  After the fair distribution of vaccines, which is the most important thing, in reality, the government can involve in the production, transportation, and distribution of vaccines efficiently and systematically. The whole transaction of Bitslead pays more attention to protecting individuals’ privacy and the authority of the law. When the data is hidden, it can promote and improve the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines for the third-party organizations to use the data information provided by Bitslead.

Bitslead aims to maintain the integrity and traceability of the vaccine supply chain so that the data is immutable in the transfer progress of the system. There are so many application scenarios, mainly including fair distribution of vaccines, supervision of traceability, settlement of insurance claim, scientific research, the establishment of connectivity platforms, and other services. This is very important for both regional industries and patients for its economy and efficiency, and high quality of medical services.

Whats the origin and use of COV?

COV is short for the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access, which is distributed by WHO. It aims to accelerate the development, production, and fair acquisition of test kits, cures, and vaccines of COVID-19 via the COV incentive system.

In brief, COV is a kind of digital currency that is based on the great application value of Bitslead. The amount of distribution is very small, only 10 million. The constant quantity signifies its great application value and holding value in the future.

COV is of great circulation value, which is meaningful to government, medical and scientific institutions, patients, drug sellers, and third-party partners.  

For government and medical institution, after the authorization, they can know the production data information of the vaccines more conveniently and give targeted programs to follow-up treatment conditions and protection conditions, which is more helpful to enhance the supervision of health and vaccines in different areas and saves many manpower and material resources. From this aspect, we can see the great prospect that COV has.

For patients, they can know where vaccines come from and some information about the company and vaccines, which helps to save time, energy, and money for patients. For scientific institutions, it’s costly to trace and obtain many data, but once registering at Bitslead and authorized, they can get a great amount of data information of vaccines accurately, which helps a lot to evidence-based research and costs much lower than traditional research tests. It guarantees the stable price of data when purchasing, realizes profit-making from the purchase, and research of valuable information.

For drug sellers, they can get drug test results from different areas easily when using token money provided by Bitslead and COV, which is helpful to conduct the verification and management of drugs. They can track drugs easily, find and solve the problems in time when using multiple vaccine data provided by Bitslead. For third-party partners, they can use the data to set up personal health management, health analysis, and other databases to monitor patients’ health in detail. From the usage of COV digital currency, we can find out that the currency which has huge application value is of great importance to building an industrialized health care system.

Is COV legal and safe?

COV digital currency, which is one of the best solutions to achieve a fair share of the world vaccines after the outbreak of COVID-19 whose purpose is to make more contribution to the people, a means of circulation which is advocated and approved internationally, is distributed by WHO.  

When WHO recognizes the great potential of medical services that Bitslead has, it leads the distribution of COV digital currency to provide better medical service for people around the world. Thus COV currency, which is legal without doubt, subject to legal supervision, is a quality platform whose purpose is to serve clients. In today’s digital economy, security is one of the top concerns of every customer. In order to meet the needs from customers, regional chain wallet has both hot and cold wallet which make use of users payment code pairs to generate private keys in the user’s computer.

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