“Giant Whale of Mining Pool”-- North American Pool Grand is officially launched!

2021-03-03 Azcentral

The future has arrived, and the "wave of cryptocurrency wealth " is sweeping the world: Bitcoin, January 2009, the issue price was US$0.0025/coin, soaring 15 million times after 10 years; Ethereum, the first round of ICO was in 2014, soaring 1800 times after 6 years. With such high cryptocurrency value, how should the ordinary people grasp the " wave of cryptocurrency wealth"?

Born in time and arrive for the future. On 27 February NY time, the world's first one-stop cloud computing platform of blockchain -"North American Pool" will be officially launched, detonating a wave of trillions of cryptocurrency wealth.

North American Pool, One-stop Cryptocurrency Mining & Financing

North America Pool is the world's leading one-stop cloud computing platform of blockchain. Its members of founding team are composed of technology and financial talents from Microsoft, IBM, JPMorgan and other Fortune 500 groups, and are committed to provide BTC, ETH, FIL and other multi-cryptocurrencies asset mining services and cryptocurrency value management services that are far exceed the industry benchmark of income level. Its parent company - North America Science and Technology Intelligence International Group (NAZK), is a high-tech enterprise which co-founded by top investment institutions from the United States and Canada - CIBC, Scotia Bank, National Bank, and Blackstone Group. It mainly focuses on the production in the fields of life science, artificial intelligence, aerospace exploration and blockchain. Its business covers the research and development for anti-tumor drug, development of biological vaccine, gene sequencing, high-end precision equipment, AI chips and big data analysis, aerospace satellite applications, development of launch vehicle application, blockchain mining, computing server, cloud computing and other segments. In 2013, NAZK officially entered the blockchain industry; in January 2019, the sub-brand North America Pool was established to deploy the blockchain mining industry.

NAP, a Cryptocurrency Legend Beyond BTC

NAP, the only platform token used in North America Pool, is a decentralized blockchain digital asset based on the North America chain. It has been applied to many scenarios, such as using NAP to deduct the North American Pool trading platform fees, payment method used in Monaco Visa and other application, etc.

NAP is also the only "economic fuel" available to all ecological participants in North American Pool. It is extremely scarce and only issued with limited quantities and destroyed in a regular basis. Investors cannot acquire it by purchasing but only to obtain it through “mining” and income settlement from "cryptocurrency management" in North American Pool platform. With short supply and unlimited value, it will become a cryptocurrency legend beyond BTC.

Low Threshold Mining, Mining efficiency is 30%-50% higher than peers

North American Pool focuses on cloud computing,and its users may participate in mining without purchasing mining rigs. North American Pool's cloud computing product has a low average transaction value, and its mining efficiency is 30%-50% higher than peers. The payback cycle is much shorter than the industry average Level, 1.5TH BTC mining rigs may pay back in 201 days (the industry average payback cycle is 285 days).

North America Pool owns 19 large-scale blockchain mine pools in the world, deployed in Russia, Kazakhstan, Venezuela, Mongolia, the United States, Norway, India and other countries, with a total power supply capacity of up to 600MW. There are up to 400,000 mining rigs in operation currently and its full capacity may run more than 800,000 units at the same time. North American Pool is committed to surpassing F2Pool and becoming the world's number one mining pool in cloud computing.

Staking - Excess Return and Perpetual Asset Appreciation

"Staking Financing" is a one-stop computing product of asset management of North American Pool. It mainly targets the users that prefer stable income with low risk preference and long-term holders. By utilizing platform’s resources, the users deposit cryptocurrencies into North American Pool to resist fluctuations in the secondary market, as well as obtain a relatively stable savings income. The current annualization of digital asset financing such as ETH/BTC/FIL under North American Pool is up to 12%.

North America Pool has a strong R&D team for financial products to develop advanced financial products, and a well-resourced asset management team. It comprehensively carries out the pan-financial businesses mainly focuses on digital funds, digital trusts, digital insurance, digital lending, as well as creating high returns through multiple channels, and providing income protection continuously for financial users.

Reach the Top of the Industry, Strive to be the King of the world!

North America Pool plans to achieve 10 million experience users in cloud computing globally in 2025 that cover 100 countries and regions around the world.

In 2027, to achieve revenue growth in multiple businesses such as mining, digital insurance, and public blockchain ecological foundations, and open up the Omni-channel layout for blockchain digital asset management services.

In 2028, it will be at the top of the industry and become the world's leading one-stop blockchain digital asset management platform!

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