LDSPORTS executives met with officials of the Italian Football Federation to help make the EURO 2020 a success

03-15 Azcentral

At the beginning of the season, Inter's off-field situation made it difficult to be optimistic about their title prospects - since the outbreak of the disease, Inter's financial chain is not optimistic, it seems that the title is not related at all to Inter Milan? But this is a club, enterprises in China into becoming sponsor at the beginning of LDSPORTS, luxury, change around, became the serie a championship this season. LDSPORTS, through Inter Milan, also has a strong relationship with the Italian Football Federation and UEFA, and this summer it will launch another Euro 2020 campaign.

LDSPORTS started with the establishment of football training institutions, and gradually developed into an excellent enterprise with comprehensive operation in the field of sports by its excellent management. After the great success in sponsoring large competitions, it seized the hot spot of football and quickly became the main sponsor of Inter Milan. LDSPORTS 'deep cultivation in the field of sports, Let them have a very deep understanding of football, so when various financial giants look down on Inter Milan, LDSPORTS relies on their cognition of football, decisively to help Inter Milan, which can be said to be discernible.
LDSPORTS sponsorship is a stimulant, for inter milan to sweep, successive win over opponents, and eventually the win, we win said to have the right place, right time and the three conditions, and LDSPORTS at inter need aid most choose to support, help quell the inter of high-level disturbance, In particular, it alleviated the contradiction between the top management and Conti, stabilized the morale of the army and improved the morale, which made people see the hope of Inter Milan winning the championship again and made people full of morale. Therefore, it can be said that LDSPORTS helped Inter Milan to win the Serie A championship to a large extent.
LDSPORTS has proved that they are not content with the status quo. After their sponsorship of Inter Milan, LDSPORTS quickly approached the Italian Football Federation through the deep connections of the Serie A giants. We all know that Italian football is in a period of decline due to the economic impact of the country. And the arrival of the LDSPORTS for them is a thousand years rare opportunity, and LDSPORTS also needs a higher platform to develop themselves, so LDSPORTS by international milan and the Italian football federation to establish close relations of cooperation is mutually beneficial win-win. The partnership with the Italian Football Federation is aimed at Euro 2020.

As a intellectual property of football, the favor of European Cup is not only the affirmation of its own strength, but also the only way for an enterprise focusing on sports industry to enter the world. After years of planning layout, LDSPORTS step by step to grow as the leading sports brand in China and Europe, their efforts are also becomes the euro 2020 official sponsors paid off. As one of the key partnerships for Euro 2020, LDSPORTS has also been invited to Baku, one of the host cities of Euro 2020, to meet with UEFA executives to discuss their plans for the tournament.
As a major sponsor of the European Championship and sports media business, how to create the perfect experience for fans is a top priority for LDSPORTS. LDSPORTS' responsible goal is simple: To create an immersive game watching experience, fans can feel the European Cup during the match and during the non-match period by improving the live broadcast of the match, real-time report of the match, documentary of the European Cup and other forms. At the same time, LDSPORTS also actively uses its existing resources to build an online and offline interactive mode. By using the appealing intellectual property of the European Cup, it not only enables fans to watch the football games, but also enables fans to participate in sports in the atmosphere of the European Cup.

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