Three days and two nights with the sponsor team, Italian executives demonstrate to the world the elite team of the European Cup

03-15 Azcentral

Sponsorship is very optimistic about the development and future of the Italian national team, together wishing excellent results in the Euro Cup

The Italian national team recently announced the final list of Euro 2020, this list also caused the whole football world to marvel, this Italian team is excellent in attack and defense, although there is no top big name sitting, but there is no doubt about the strength. This Italian national team not only let the fans see the hope of the blue army back to the top, but also let the Italian sponsorship partners also see the value of the Italian national team.

Recalling that the Italian team has a glorious record in history, it has long dominated the world of football, having won four World Cups, one Olympic soccer championship and one European Cup. The latest championship was in the 2006 World Cup, which was their last glory, and then in 2012, although the team reached the final of the European Cup, but faced with the powerful Spain, "humiliating" to 0-4, a record-breaking final score loss. Since then the Italian national team has entered a new generation, although in 2016 broke into the Euro 8, but missed the 2018 World Cup in Russia, I believe this will be a moment of shame in the history of Italian soccer.
It''s lucky that Mancini came, since Mancini took over the Italian national team, committed to build a civilian team, there is no superstar in the current lineup, but the team's style of play focuses on passing control, extremely offensive and ornamental, they entered the Euro qualifying tournament with an all-win record. In 2018, the Italian team did not qualify for the World Cup for the first time in 60 years, which became the "shame of the century" of Italian soccer, and this time to the European Cup, the blue team shouldered the burden of shame.
Before the recent Italian friendly match in Cagliari, the Italian Football Federation organized an Italian sponsorship partner day to showcase the Italian national team and welcome representatives of Italian business partners. During the presentation of the team on building "a winning team", the Italian executive launched a presentation in which he recounted his experience with the Blucerchiati and revealed the steps taken to build a winning national team, from the composition of the team to the staff hired.
Speaking on the experience of a complete restructuring of Italian soccer two years ago, the Italian executive recalled the strengthening of the national team's personnel and the building of new relationships with fans and sponsors. He said the Blucerchiati are our common pride and a common bond for all sponsors, fans and players, and he is very happy that many companies have come to share this meaningful journey with us.
The sponsors are very optimistic about the business value and future of the Italian national team, and have said that it fits perfectly with the image of Italy and represents the long-term support and passion of the fans. After sponsoring Inter Milan, Lodging Sports, as a sponsorship representative, quickly approached the Italian Football Federation through the deep connections of the Serie A giants. With the Italian soccer being in a weakened period due to the country's economy, the arrival of LDSPORTS is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them, and LDSPORTS also needs a higher platform to develop itself, so it is a win-win situation for LDSPORTS to establish an intimate partnership with the Italian Football Federation through Inter Milan, and the purpose of the cooperation with the Italian Football Federation is Euro 2020

After receiving the jersey, the top management of Lodging Sports said that the blue jersey is not just a jersey, it represents the dream of championship and the determination of chasing for the blue team, and we will be the solid backing for the Italian national team, wishing the team to achieve better results.

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