RabbitKing gives everyone a chance to choose freedom again


In 2022, Shen Teng compared himself to the “Dog king” in the Metaverse in the Spring Festival Gala sketch. As soon as this golden sentence came out, the trading volume of the token of the same name, Dogeking, exceeded 10 million US dollars within 24 hours, and even netizens Ridiculous “This is Shen Teng’s online delivery”.

In the next few days, Dogeking skyrocketed tens of thousands of times. This is equivalent to, if you buy Dogeking for 1 yuan before the Spring Festival Gala, and then sell it at the highest point, you can get tens of thousands of yuan in profit.

If you want to talk about the token that can be compared with Dogking in the recent period, it is naturally RabbitKing with the tail number b94e. It is understood that RabbitKing has already booked the Ave hot search list during the Spring Festival, and it will surpass Dogking in the future!

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Telegram : https://t.me/RabbitKingsq

Twitter : https://twitter.com/rabbitking1819

Tencent QQ : 705860104

Contract address : 0x626cab57051e80f4b84551856588b62983bdb94e


At present, RabbitKing has been reported by major mainstream media: Golden Finance, Feixiaohao, Baidu, Jinri Toutiao, Tencent, Sohu News, etc., and there are more than 100 community joint announcements, and the Ave avatar has been launched, and the TP avatar has been launched. More huge marketing activities will be shown in the future.

RabbitKing is jointly built by 20 countries at home and abroad, with a global maximum supply of 100 trillion pieces. It can be said that RabbitKing has various advantages and adopts a multi-ecological layout (DeFi + NFT + DAO + metaverse), and is committed to building the world’s largest A decentralized encrypted financial service platform.

RabbitKing trading slippage is 6%, of which return fund pool is 0.5%, burning is 0.5%, marketing is 1%, pull is 1%, and dividends are 3%. And users who hold 30 billion coins can enjoy dividends USDT rights.

RabbitKing regards user safety as the foundation of all development, locks the fund pool online, and discards permissions to ensure the safety of everyone’s funds, so that everyone can participate in transactions with confidence.


RabbitKing plans to build an international DAO community with long-term influence, gather partners with high latitude knowledge, and use the super awareness of the community to empower the world’s top consensus.

In terms of market popularity, RabbitKing is currently in the initial stage of the market, and the industry coverage of market penetration is relatively weak. It is precisely because of this that it is an excellent investment target that is favored by industry professionals and investment institutions.

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