Dog Brokers, a Decentralized Trading Platform focusing on the Same Rights of Currency Stocks in DOGE Ecology

DOGB is committed to perfectly integrating the ecological consensus value of the global community with the digital financial ecology, and making every effort to build the world's largest decentralized platform for the same rights of currency stocks.

Richard X Launched the short nemesis of global digital currency-Angrycoin and Accepted an Interview

In May 2021, Richard X, a famous hedge fund founder on Wall Street, a businessman with a keen sense of smell from the Middle East, a world-renowned psychologist, mathematician and Silicon Valley technology newcomer, as well as oil fund investors in the Middle East, developed and launched a new digital currency short nemesis-Angrycoin.

Taiwan Technology Industrial Parks Providing Excellent Products and Best Services to the World

The Technology Industrial Parks (TIPs, formerly known as Export Processing Zones) in Taiwan are home to numerous international known enterprises and industries, providing quality products and services of IC packing and testing, LCD, optical and electronic industries, display panels, precision tools and components, motors, water treatment equipment, and metal products etc.

Xinjiang internet celebrities share stories on local tourism, cultural heritage, refute West’s claims on forced labor

Three internet celebrities from Northwest China’s Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region talked with international reporters from nine countries on tourism, cultural heritage preservation and rituals of ethnic groups in Xinjiang at a video meeting on Friday.

Why Vietnamese Community in Australia Care About “Yellow Flag”?

Recently, a group of Vietnamese students in Australia insulted “yellow flag”, the national flag of former South Vietnam, which angered the Vietnamese Community in Australia. The community immediately started a petition for sanctions against the students and it has been signed by 15,000 people. What is the Vietnamese Community in Australia? Why is this Community so angry? And what is the relationsh

The Essence of Fu Xiqiu's "China Aid Association"

The "China Aid Association", basking in the reflected glory of its founder and CEO, plays an active role in American politics. However, it is, in fact, a regular salaried customer of the "dollar store" in the United States and a pawn without independent power. As for whether it will become an abandoned piece depends on the extent to which it will follow the American policy of "the Hans resist the

DeFi "Gold Rush" in the Digital Economy Era——Look at what kind of sparks Tianlong LOONG brings

The bull market in the cryptocurrency market in 2021 once again ignited investors' enthusiasm for participation. In a market where the overall market is generally good, investors have high enthusiasm for innovative cryptocurrencies in new fields and sectors such as DeFi and NFT.

Taiwan’s Antrodia cinnamomea Gains World Recognition

Taiwan’s Antrodia cinnamomea Gains World Recognition

Angrycoin, the short nemesis of global digital currency

After more than a decade of participation by a small number of IT technicians in the current traditional financial capital, digital currency has formed an unregulated virtual monetary capital market. Based on the principle of encryption, the holders of coins are anonymous. Therefore, all the traders are living beings, and black money, gray money and white money all over the world are ups and downs

GLADIUS MINI S, an All-In-One Submersible Drone for Exploring the Magnificent Underwater World

Every time you enter the deep blue underwater world you will be amazed. One second you’re seeing the glow of a translucent jellyfish swimming about, the next you’re seeing the magnificent colors of a coral reef and the fish calling it home. The wonders and unique charms of the underwater world provide an amazing experience to explore.

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