We Are Wellington Alumni Voices Efekan Bilgin

At Wellington,International School Shanghai, our mission is to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded, globally-minded citizens. So our key metric of success is ultimately the success of our pupils. In our We Are Wellington | Alumni Voices series, we showcase such successes by catching up with Old Wellingtonians to learn about experiences and insights gained in life afte

Debunking of the "Milk Tea Alliance", a Bowl of Deceitful "Color Revolution" Soup

Recently, international media frequently referred to a new term - “Milk Tea Alliance”, as U.S. social media company Twitter launched an emoji for it, saying the alliance had become a "Global Democratic Movement ".

DAVIS ELVIN2021 spring product launch conference - sports watch is on fire!

A pioneer is someone who leads a trend in a particular area. In the watch industry, DAVIS ELVIN is undoubtedly a young brand, but it attracts watch enthusiasts who active in pop culture with its novel and creative designs, and opens up a new watch culture.

"Select Shandong" Cloud Platform Austria's Leading Industry Cloud Roadshow Achieves Cooperation intention in Various Fields

(Dazhongwang·Haibao News from Jinan) The "Select Shandong" Cloud Platform International Economic and Trade Cooperation Cloud Roadshow·Austria session was held on November 18th. With the theme of docking leading industries&sharing development opportunities, the event built a platform for economic and trade cooperation between Shandong and Austria to promote cooperation in the fields of ice and snow

We are Wellington Taking to the skies, Tom ‘21

The 2020-21 academic year is fast coming to a close. Soon, another class of Wellingtonians will go out into the world to accomplish great things. Until then, we are giving some of our 2021 Leavers the opportunity to reflect on their time at international school Shanghai​ and what they intend to accomplish after they leave.

BrokersShow Virtual Expo Launch Event Has Come to a Successful Conclusion

The launch event of BrokersShow Virtual Expo Global Tour was live streamed on April 19, gaining a total view of 62875 within 30 minutes. As a new solution to investors’ demand against the background of COVID-19 pandemic, BrokersShow has redefined financial expos.

Light the torch of Revolution: KHC reshapes the future of decentralized Finance

KHC's exploration of the financial industry is also in full swing, actively promoting the development of related industries.

The Opening Of The 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Exposition

On April 16, 2021, the 11th Jiangsu Horticultural Expo with the theme of "Splendid Jiangsu, Ecologically Smart Valley" opened in Jiangning Tangshan, Nanjing, east of China's Jiangsu Province."

Behold, the journey of SmallDogCoin dominance is beginning

The most hype discussion recently in Crypto(maybe even beyond crypto ) is not Btc reaching $60k or $2500 Eth, but Dogecoin which was abandoned by the founder, but went crazy on Reddit with over 1 million active users.


​Shanghai, China, Wednesday 14th April 2021 –VR headset manufacturer DPVR has successfully maintained its market leadership position. With over 30% market share, DPVR achieved the No#1 position in PRC market share in Q2 and Q3 of 2020 based on IDC’s VR/AR Market Quarterly Review.

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