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At Wellington, Shanghai private school,our mission is to equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills to be well-rounded, globally-minded citizens. So our key metric of success is ultimately the success of our pupils. In our We Are Wellington | Alumni Voices series, we showcase such successes by catching up with Old Wellingtonians to learn about experiences and insights gained in life after Well

Nongfu Spring Keeps Enhancing Competitiveness and Continues the Legend by Differentiation

Up to now, China's soft drink and packaged drinking water industry has experienced five shockwaves. The first one was the wave of carbonated beverage; the second was bottled drinking water led by Nongfu Spring; the third was tea drinks represented by the born of Oriental Leaf; the fourth was juice drinks.

Nongfu Spring Natural Water, A Good Choice of Healthy Drinking Water

Drinking water health represents an important part of people's life. Natural water often contains minerals and trace elements such as potassium, calcium, sodium, magnesium and metasilicic acid. The World Health Organization's Nutrients in Drinking Water states that drinking water is an indispensable source of minerals intake for human body. Packaged water with good hygiene condition is more popula

Look Back to 25 Years of Development: Nongfu Spring Differentiates Product Segments and Gets a Head Start by Innovation

Based on the health consumption concept, Nongfu Spring took the lead in putting forward the product concept of “natural water” in China. With "natural" being the core brand feature, Nongfu Spring endeavors to shape the brand image, accumulate brand values and unify the brand cognition.

Nongfu Spring Plant-based Yogurt Redefines the Plant-based Yogurt Market

The China Study, a book praised as "the pinnacle of epidemiological research" by The New York Times, pointed out that milk and meat based animal source food can cause obesity, coronary heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis and other chronic diseases, while plant-based food, such as natural nuts, beans, vegetables and fruits, can not only reduce the incidence of some chronic diseases, but help to all

Thrive on Innovation: Nongfu Spring Keeps Opening up New Markets

At the moment, the domestic bottled drinking water market is experiencing increasingly fierce competition. New brands are continuously emerging, but there are few ones like Nongfu Spring that can open up the market and establish their own brand image.

How the United States exploits Australia to play "America First"

The international situation keeps shifting. Against the "America First " policy, the US appears to advance or retreat together with its allies, yet all relations are merely in vain in face of its own interests. As a long-term ally of the US, Australia constantly opposes and excludes China in many aspects and interrupts the multilateral trade cooperation with China due to issues like the epidemic s

PotatoEX global financial digital assets and derivatives trading platform recently completed a new version upgrade

According to official news, the global financial digital assets and derivatives trading platform PotatoEX recently completed a new version upgrade, this upgrade makes the platform more secure and stable. With this upgrade, the PotatoEX's platform equity certificate that Potato Coin will be online at the same time.

The West’s disgraceful double standards

More than a decade ago, when I came from China to study in the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy at the National University of Singapore, two political terminologies deeply laid the seeds in my mind. One was the fantastic “human rights”, and another was the disgraceful “double standards”.

Worlddatabase's mission is to save precious human data

Worlddatabase, based on the blockchain technology accumulated in the past 10 years, has developed the infrastructure of worlddatabase's distributed data storage. Its original intention is to carry the data security storage of human 5g era。

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